PW's Multi Strain Grow Under Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 160

God PW! Those nugs are nuts! I've seen a lot of praise on your light, and I can't dispute that, but man!!!, I'd take your talent over the light any day. Man!
Thanks Ripe, that’s more light and environment than me

Modest to Boot! 2 Question.?! What date did you harvest? I went to the other journal and was combing backwards for the harvest pics. I kept getting info that slowed me down (getting to the pics, I was learning a bunch from it though, not complaining:thumb:) Also, the Perpetual Grow is like 350 pages long, has there been any problems in there that we can all learn from like bugs and deficient/toxic signs? I just finished my current sub list and want a journal packed with problems and fun(other than mine). Clever ideas and the like. If I start the perpetual, it's going to be the only thing I read for 2 weeks.
No bugs but a few issues along the way, just check out the pics and updates. There's a lot of banter in the perpetual you'll want to skip over
I use a PC so pictures for me are not a problem. But I'm starting to have a problem with not being able to see what every on else has going on. Everybody has been pretty patient so far but for me its wearing thin.
We were annoyed at first, too. Well, still annoying to post pics but I'm sure they will fix it soon. We managed to adapt and are back up with pics again. Looking forward to seeing some more pics from the Playhouse!
Is it the same as before on the website where you first need upload then find and link photos or can we now upload right to the editor?

I've been using 420, I know its preferred to use the website but it was too large an inconvenience. Not sure now. I just didn't like working in the garden, seeing something you want to quickly snap and post and something like that unfortunately for me will be a deal breaker. I will just say 'forget it' or 'ill do it later'... and don't etc.

I am sure they are working hard on it and hopefully the new site will be awesome and more convenient! I would rather support the 420 site and app devs once its fixed.
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