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Mars Hydro

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What's up growers! Mars Hydro Giveaway Time again!


This time we play something easy as well. :cheer:

1. Tell us "Why Choose Mars Hydro?" I know you all know us sooo well, you must know something. ;) Sentence will begin like this:

Why choose Mars Hydro? Because ..... :nomo:
Everyone can have 3 times' oppotunities to post, and if the post is not relevant such as "random post conversation", we will just skip that.

2. Time: Oct 18~ 25th 2019 :love::love::love:

3. Prize: :circle-of-love:
- We will pick one menber to get one of our Mars Pro II 160 if we have over 100 posts; :hippy:
- We will pick another menber to get one of our Mars TS 1000 if we have over 200 posts. :hippy:

FYI: What a Mars Pro II Epistar 160 can do? :popcorn:

- Cover 2.5x6 space during veg and 2x4 during flower
- Full spectrum from seedling to finish
- Actual Power around 300w
- Reflector Cup Design, 5 different color chip mixed in one cup, spectrum mixed very well and light output is very balance.
- Veg and Bloom switches, control your grow easily.
- Exellent cooling system, very cool to use.
- Over 90% components are UL listed, high quality ensured.
- Worthy over 350USD/pc

And What a Mars TS 1000 can do, do you need me to post again, I think you all know. :D :D :D
- lighting group design, 342pcs of chips on one board, lower wattage each chips, but higher output in total, longer lifespan with higher higher light efficiency!
- High PPE around 2.15~2.35umol/j, means it can save more energy. Saving at least 30~50% than tradtional lights
- Sunlike spectrum, easy on eyes, Easy to take more great pictures, haha! And plants love it from start to finish!
- No fan design, no noise.
- etc

So let's get the party started!

Old Salt

Member of the Year: 2019 - Member of the Month: Apr, Nov 2019
Why choose Mars Hydro? Because Mars Hydro produces excellent grow lights at an affordable price!

@SmokeSara, please skip this post if its number comes up, and give the prize to another member. :thanks:

Virgin Ground

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Why choose Mars Hydro? Because growing your own quality meds shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Why grow with mars hydro

Affordable, Great products and the froth factory they give compared to other led companies.

Thanks Sara if I win I'll forward my light on to someone who needs it more as well as I just bought two new lights from you and mars hydro


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Why choose Mars Hydro? ....with a product like Mars Hydro, you can achieve excellent results that you'll be more then pleased with. Their products have been proven to give the results wanted while withstanding the test of time. Thanks Mars Hydro and @SmokeSara for yet another awesome giveaway.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017


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I chosen mars hydro cuz for the price n all the love from customer service u can not beat it I will b running all mars soon...!!!!!! Mars for the win loving the new ts 3000


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Why choose Mars Hydro? Because they have high quality products for an unbeatable cost and they care.

Thanks SmokeSara for yet another unbelievable opportunity.


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Why Choose Mars Hydro? Because they take care of their clients.

Mars Hydro sending me smell proof bag free for buying a light.

Thanks Julia and Jay and of course SmokeSara and the rest of the Mars Hydro crowd
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