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September Seed Giveaway at Herbies - Competition Time

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! Auto Berry Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds

Purty buds! I can't wait to try this.

I should win because I am considering going to an all Auto Flowering grow after my current grow is finished. Herbie's has a huge selection of Auto's, and it is every growing in variety. It will be my one stop shop for Auto Flowering seeds. Great customer service, fast shipping. What more could you ask for?


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Through the versus I must traverse,
Picking seeds I am the worst,
While growing I'm not half bad,
But my diversity is a bit sad,
Cbd is what my patients need the most,
While yields are good I will not boast,
Cbd blue shark is my desire,
Please herbies be my supplier!



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! Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds

I should win because I was born, then Raised by a Pack of Wolves. They raised me until I was 28 in wolf years. 7 in human years.
I decided it was time to strike off on my own. I found out quickly that people were uptight about all the territory I claimed as my own.
Every Time I marked it they chased after me with brooms or mops.
People, seeing me alone and hungry they would invite me in to eat, wanting to help me find my family.
When I said in the woods, they would just laugh.
But alas they, too got mad as hell when I left my scent so everyone knew I've been there, They had me locked up and turned me over to something called Child Protective Services who put me into something they called the 'System'.
The 'System' did teach me a few things about People and how to live amongst them, and why it would be better to stay with the Wolves.
And now 45ish years later I still miss the Wolves, and I remember that Yes, Bears do.
People will never get used to me marking my territory.
But because I smoke so much grown from ! Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
I'll never know if I'm asleep and dreaming or still smoking Some Blue Dream and imagining all this.


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! Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds

I should win because I rep y'all on every forum I am on. You can look on here or several other well known places. I was also just recently diagnosed with IBS. Guess what helps IBS and the symptoms? Yeah you got it, MMJ. Iam a poor college student and my family wants me to go on anti-anxiety meds, because that's my main instigator for my IBS....I don't want to, but I can't afford the prices where I love so I need to grow my own. I had ordered some Violator Kush awhile back and none of them would germ. Herbie's responded quickly and professionally, and I have been searching for the proper replacement strain and I think I may have found it in blue dream, and I need to see what the hype is about. Not only for my health, but to prove that cannabis IS medicine:Namaste:
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