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so ive been making a scrog net, its made of string and is height adjustable as i need to be able to change out the buckets. ive only done the bucket side. couldnt be bothered to do the coco side. I'll still train the coco plants.

What do u guys think will yield more? the 12 coco plants in 4x4' area or 4 oxypots scrogged in 4x4' area. both under 1000w hps. I think the coco may just edge it. anyone disagree?







My trusty guard dogs ;)



Finally here is another grow i have running with 10 oxypots under 2 600w hps, (not the ones in my other journal). Nice and bushy.

oh the buckets wont be that close to each other. they are just getting the best spot in the light until i start training them.

Im going on hol with my family tomorro and wont be back till weekend so wont be any updates til then, there should be quite a diff in size when i get back :)

Oh and the dragons are called RUDY and RANGO :)
I'm curious about the 10 oxypots under two 600W hps because it most closely resembles my setup.

I'm thinking of upgrading from a 5x5/1kW to a 5x9 and wondered if I could get a way with two 600W for my six oxypots.

I guess whatever I do I'd best incorporate the Scrog.
Hey Cultivator I've got a question for you.

Why is it that you add perlite to your coco? I assume its for aeration, but I've heard that coco is good to go by itself. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks and I'll be looking in as this progresses.
Got a seat back here if you don't mind, great things going on here.
Best of luck :bravo:
I am not sure 4 dwc can overcome all the coco/perlite gals. They basically have to double them. In their favor though is the coco's are in smaller pots = smaller root zones.

So you brits call dwc oxypots? I googled it to make sure, and found no difference from dwc. Just wanted to be sure.

Cute! I used to have a Tokay Gecko I let live in one of my grow rooms. I dunno about the keeping the pests down though. I had to release crickets into the room for him to eat. Then one day I discovered his corpse in the reservoir. :rip: After that, I decided the terrarium was a safer place for them.
Actually I am, but you're asking 4 plants to overcome 12 plants. And rare are the 1-2 lb per plants for the avg good grower even. I've been getting up to 10 oz but with a tent and height limitations as well as normal household 15amp breakers, getting more is not easy if growing more than maybe 2 plants.
True. Cultivator seems to be a pro though. I'd bet he could pull 1-2 per plant if he allowed them to fully grow.
do you see the member of the month and all the green bars under bass's name? that means that alot of growers here think he knows his shit. at most that screen is 4x4 so thats 4 square feet per plant.1 pound or more from a 2x2 scrog would be very impressive indeed.
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