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Whats the roots on the auto look like GT?
Not as big as you might think. Not bad, but from the size of the plant I picture a bigger root ball. I haven’t done a single bucket in some time either though. And I’ve never grown an auto in dwc. The last time I grew an Auto was in soil. I did a video of it a long time ago. I’m going to grow this same Auto this summer outside:


Grandpa Tokin

Member of the Month: Apr 2018 - Nug of the Month: Feb 2019
Seems like the only time I can get on this site is in the middle of the night (my normal insomniac routine). During prime-time I can’t even open one page. I thought it was my crappy internets, but I can play YouTube videos but 420 won’t load one picture...Oh well, such is life.

I sure hope this Auto will continue to fill out. She looks a little skinny in the bud department to me, but she’s still a baby. The smell coming off her is unique for such a young plant too. Very sweet-stink but appealing smell to me. I’d like to bottle it and use as cologne...I’d call it, “old f*cking man spice.” :reading420magazine:



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Dam thought I was in the wrong journal for a minute. I seen a spot on a stem that did not have trichomes. :19:

She is young, give her some time.

Grandpa Tokin

Member of the Month: Apr 2018 - Nug of the Month: Feb 2019
It was leg day...that took about 40 minutes. Squats are your friend... Then, I hit the treadmill at 3.2 mph and 1% incline for 66 minutes. I walked by the mirror...look like the Rock...just older and more handsome naturally. :headbanger:

Here’s some random shots in the garden. This first one is a tangie seed I put in some water for 24 hours and then into some rock wool yesterday morning. I know rock wool is not the best, but I have a buttload of them to get rid of.

Clones are looking good:

Mystery Auto:


Grandpa Tokin

Member of the Month: Apr 2018 - Nug of the Month: Feb 2019
The Mystery of the Mystery Auto May be solved. I found this bag in a bigger bag of seeds.

Why I would move it from this bag to another bag with the word “Auto” written on it is beyond me. Before the heart attack I did all kinds of crap I don’t remember...I’m sure I had a reason...oh wait...that was yesterday...

Anyway, I’m officially changing the name of the Mystery Auto to GSC Auto. It’s the only explanation for the seed which was a freebie from some seed order about a year or two ago.

Quick smoke report on this batch of GG4: Very strong pine-earth-diesel-funk smell and taste. Very sticky!!! The stickiest of ickiest dank I’ve ever gotten from this plant in over 4 years of growing it. Every bud is a trich fest of THC with a CAPITAL F*CKING “T” ! This stuff is not for the weak-tit individual. My shit will slap you into next Tuesday...Fact! :lot-o-toke:

The ash is grey. The rest speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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