Macks is doing OK this morning. Her tops are coming along. Forgive the terrible lighting in the first photo -- I had overhead, desk lamp, and flash going at the same time. :p

20 days old. I trimmed off the first (lowest) node and cotyledon (and the little flowery growth that was developing above it!) and the fan leaves from the second & third nodes. Put more dirt into the pot to bring the "ground" up to where the first node was. I don't think she's too happy with me right now but crossing my fingers she recovers. The most radical/destructive adjustments are behind us now. :)

Macks is 3 weeks old today. She is recovering from yesterday's mangling. Today we begin gentle, loving LST. She also received 20 oz ZeroWater at pH 6.11. I was having a heck of a time getting the pH in range, so I finally said FI and settled on 6.11. :/ Next time, I'll shoot for 6.5.


25 days old. Macksine is growing kind of slowly, probably because I over-trimmed or something. That isn't such a bad thing, considering she's stuck in the space bucket until the new tent arrives next week. Not sure where I'll put the old tent, but I plan to move her in to finish her veg cycle.

Took her photo in the space bucket this time to show her true color -- putting her on the desk for photos makes her look washed out. Her soil looks dry, but I did feed after taking the pic:

water: 20 oz ZeroWater
pH: 6.47
Nutes: 2T BB + 1T GB/gal
PPM: 1046

Macksine is 4 weeks old today. She desperately needs to get into the tent, so I'm hoping the new tent is delivered early enough in the day tomorrow that I can move everyone around before Katya's night is supposed to begin.

Poor Macksine! She's really been suffering in the space bucket. The humidity has been terribly low lately -- so strange for the SE USA where it's usually muggy. She's 30 days old today. I think I'll leave her in the veg tent for another week or two, in the hopes she'll develop a little more. I messed her up -- totally my fault -- but I won't make these mistakes next time!


water: 60 oz ZeroWater
pH: 6.47
Nutes: 2T BB + 1T GB/gal
PPM: 1046

This morning, she went into her new home. Finally. There's a humidifier IN the tent with her now. I hope she feels better soon.


Tent: 2'x2'x4'
Light: 180w Apollo LED (109w actual draw) ~24" from top of plant, though I plan to lower it in a day or two (to give her time to adjust). According to the mfr: "Compared to other grow lights, LEDs are attractive because they do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat. This allows Apollo Horticulture LEDs to be placed closer to the plant canopy than other lights."
What a difference a day makes! Just 24 hours in the tent with a proper grow light, and she's already looking much better.

The Dance World plant does seem to appreciate the LED light over the CFLs, but I think I may have been overfeeding her. Comparing her pics to the Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies & Excesses chart, I'm inclined to think she's going through an excess of potassium. Her older leaves show the beginning of splotches, and her new growth is very pale/yellowish. Anyone have different ideas? She won't need watering for another day or two, but at this point, I'm thinking I'll just stick with plain water for a time or two and maybe micronutes alone for a time or two to see if that helps.

Here she is at 32 days of age.


Macksine's symptoms are more pronounced now. Recalibrated my pH meter, just in case (though the Cindy99 isn't suffering, so her pH must be OK). I wanted to measure her run-off, so I gave her more water than she normally gets.

water: ZeroWater 80oz
pH in: 6.36
pH out: 5.75

Should I feed her at a higher pH for a little while to get her run-off up closer to 6.0? She's looking overwatered because I snapped the pic after drenching her. :) I normally give her 40-60 oz at a time rather than 80.


Fox farms recommends 2 tsp of grow big for a two week old plant, and I used 3. Oops. I was looking at the wrong chart when I measured it out! They also suggest 1200ppm, so I didn't think 1086 was too much. I guess we'll see if I stressed her out!

Guess I did! It'll be a few days before she's ready for more water, but I'm thinking I'll do a very light (1/4) feeding of micronutes and lay off the heavy duty stuff until her runoff pH measures closer to 6. The Dance World plant is 5 weeks old today.

Miss Macksine the Dance World is 38 days old now. Her new growth doesn't look quite as bright yellow-green as it has been, but I threw my back out yesterday lifting Katya out of the bathtub after her watering, so I didn't get a good look at Macksine under regular lighting. Tomorrow I should be back to normal and can take her out for her photo session. :) She might need watering later today -- I forgot to check while I was in there. :/ Will check around noon.

Also in the tent, as seen in the photo above, is a new seed!

Grow environment

I started the sprout in my CheapAss® 2'x2'x4' veg tent with an Apollo 180w full spectrum LED (109 watts actual draw). There's only a 6" clip-on fan pushing air through the top vent and a short tower-type oscillating fan inside blowing air around. When she's ready to flip, she'll go into my new flowering tent.

The flower tent is a VIVOSUN 36"x20"x62" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent and has a 300w full spectrum LED (132w actual draw) the mfr claims is HPS/MH Replacement: 250W. If needed, I can supplement with low-kelvin CFLs. This tent has a 6" inline fan and carbon filter and a 36" oscillating tower fan inside, as well as a 6" clip-on fan pushing air in through one of the 4" side vents.


The seed soaked in water for 24 hours and then went into a rapid rooter. I stuck that in a solo cup filled with Fox Farms Happy Frog soil.

I plan to transplant to a 3-gallon fabric pot after that. I don't want her to get very big, so she'll stay in the 3-gallon until harvest, unless something goes very, very wrong. I plan to use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil in the 3-gallon pot.


This is a Painkiller XL photoperiod mostly sativa (feminized) by RQS. I chose it because I need the pain relief without the nap. I have work to do! Here's the part of the breeder's description that caught my attention:

"Rather than negate the effect of THC by an overwhelming CBD dominance, cannabis strains such as Painkiller XL seek to balance the two in order to heal both mind and body simultaneously. Profound pain relief is accompanied by a gentle psychologically uplifting effect."

Wish I had some of that right now. Anyway...


I use a ZeroWater filter to eliminate non-organics from the tap water. It generally comes out just a shade above pH 7, so I'll be using lemon juice to lower it to 6.5 (or as close as I can get). I might switch to pH Up and pH Down instead of lemon juice & baking soda, but the latter I already have, where as the former requires an expenditure of money I haven't earned yet. :p

1/9/2018 7:48 AM
Dropped the seed into RO water. Set into the dark cupboard. Like the Dance World, this seed is smaller than most I'm used to seeing.
1:00pm - tapped the seed and it sank to the bottom.

1/10/2018 2:22 PM
Seed cracked open and tap root is showing. Removed from water with tweezers and placed into a rapid rooter atop FoxFarms Happy Frog soil in a solo cup. Ten holes in cup bottom, and another solo cup to catch runoff. Splashed about 1T of RO water onto the rapid rooter. She's in the veg tent now. Plan to veg her for at least 4 weeks, but will go longer if needed. By then, Katya the c99 should be coming out of the flowering tent.

1/11/2018 7:16 AM
What's that they say? A watched pot never sprouts?
1/11/2018 2:45PM - fed Macksine (DW) 60oz ZeroWater with half-dose of Big Bloom at pH 6.69 and 181 PPM. Next watering I'll give her enough to get some run-off to see whether the pH of the soil has improved.
Macksine (DW) has moved into the flowering tent (with Katya the C99), so she'll get only 12 hours of light today.



It's a tight squeeze, especially given what a terrible "training" job I did on Macksine. If she looked more like my first 2 plants or like Katya, it would be an easier fit.

C99 on the left, DW on the right:

She's here! Painkiller XL aka Riva (pronounced REE-fa) LOL. Whenever I start my seeds on a Tuesday, I get a sprout on Saturday. Makes it easy when they all have a similar "birthday." Now that Macksine has moved into the flowering tent, Riva has the veg tent all to herself.

The Painkiller XL seedling is looking fine so far! Here she is at one day old.


Then I did something I'd never done before -- I took my clipper to one of the Dance World's tops (Macksine), one that was kind of crammed in the corner of the tent, and stuck it into a Rapid Rooter in a solo cup with FoxFarms Happy Frog soil and watered with ~1/3 cup of pH 6.47 ZeroWater filtered tap water. She's in the veg tent now. I have no idea if what I did will result in a new clone or a dead sprig, but I had a wild hair that needed to be plucked. :D



11:05 AM - checked on the new sprig to find it completely wilted. Removed it from the Rapid Rooter and put it in the bottle of remaining pH 6.47 water under a single 100w (42w actual) CFL bulb in a warmer room. I probably killed it.

Here she is in ICU:
Macksine the Dance World is 6 weeks old today (3rd day in 12/12). She got 60oz of ZeroWater-filtered tap water at pH: 6.46. The clipping I took was from the branch at 4:00.


Riva, the baby Painkiller XL, is 2 days old. She got ~6 oz of ZeroWater-filtered tap water at pH: 6.46.


And my Dance World clone has survived her first night! Topped off her bottle with the same filtered pH 6.46 water. Ordered some mycorrhizae; should get it tomorrow. When I see little root nubbies, I'll try her in the rapid rooter again--with mycorrhizae this time.

Macksine (DW)

Flushed her with ~2 gal water with FF Sledgehammer at rec. strength. Runoff PPM went from ~1600 to ~1100. Will test PPM and pH of runoff again next watering.

DW Clone #1

I tried putting her in the rapid rooter with mycorrhizae yesterday, but she wilted again, so back into the bottle she went. Still no sign of roots growing, so I'll just keep her in there until I see them. Added about 1/2 tsp of Big Bloom to her water bottle, though it mostly sinks to the bottom after a while.
Macksine (DW)
50 days old. She's looking healthier than ever! (top photo on right) Today she got nutes in her water, since I flushed some out last time: 80 oz plain tap water with 3t FF BigBloom, 2t GrowBig, 2t TigerBloom (per gal)
IN: pH=6.36 PPM=1019
OUT: pH=5.50 PPM=1080 <-- runoff pH still seems too low



Riva (Painkiller XL)
10 days old. Transplanted into 1 gal pot with FFOF. Added 1/4 tsp mycorrhizae to the soil under where her roots will be. The tap root was MUCH longer than I'd expected. It'd snuck out one of the holes in the solo cup bottom and extended about 10" into the catch cup! Unfortunately, while I was cutting the bottom of the solo cup to get her out, I accidentally cut off that long tap root. Put a little extra myc. under her, put her into the 1-gal pot, and gave 20oz ZeroWater with Big Bloom @ rec strength. pH=6.56 PPM=201
(Note to self: check for roots trying to escape while seeding gets going)


DW Clone #1
9 days old. She's looking sad. Coated her stem with mycorrhizae and put her in dirt again (with myc. in the bottom, under her stem). Raised RH a little in the tent. Fed ~6oz zerowater with bigbloom from the bottle she'd been "rooting" in. I didn't see any roots, but her top is so yellow, I was concerned -- she was getting practically no nutrients in the water. I'll try to keep her leaves sprayed with water or maybe a light BigBloom solution. Have a humidity controller on order, which should arrive tomorrow. I'll try to keep the tent at around 60% until she can handle the 50% target for veg. Higher than that and Riva the PKXL will suffer. :/

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