Seedsman Comparative Grow Presenting Black Sugar & Northern Light Auto

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The Black Sugar was a little fussy this time and I had to flush the soil to raise her PH. She will be going into flower at the end of the month, so I wanted to take care of any problem before I change her light schedule. She is looking a lot better now, but she still needs a couple more days.

Northern Lights (a) is a surprise for me, since I don't normally grow auto's. She is going into pre-flower right now, so she will be ready for the flip at the end of the month (not that it matters). Very easy strain to grow, and I may grow some more auto's in the near future, I have a few in my seed collection.

@marcus611a Good Luck on your GJotM entry this month you deserve it.

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Did they calibrate it for you?
Doesn't hurt to double check it's reading correctly, grab a bottle of distilled water from the service station to add 1 of the packets of powder to the required amount of water to double check its reading correctly.
I wish it's a rapid test not a regular pH meter. It comes with 10 tests in a pack. I think I messed up my digital reader and it don't work because I stuck it in water for my faucet one registered 10 and the other one 12 so I don't think it's calibrated right I think I screwed this grow up all the way from the go. Thinking my pH was messed up and it might not even been messed up and it might be too late cuz I already added line I guess we'll find out they're looking good though in the 4x4 but woke up this morning believe it or not my auto was finally looking good and actually alive
@marcus611a Try testing something with a known PH like

Average pH of common solutions
SubstancepH rangeType
Battery acid< 1Acid
Gastric acid1.0 – 1.5
Orange juice3.3 – 4.2
Black coffee5 – 5.03
Milk6.5 – 6.8
Pure water at 25 °C7Neutral
Sea water7.5 – 8.4Base
Ammonia11.0 – 11.5
1 M NaOH14
Main article: pH indicator

To tell you the true @NickHardy I have not even thought about yield yet.

Hope this helps.

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Such an obvious (but useful) tip mate on the Ph! I think as you generally calibrate with 4, 7 or 10 its probably what it is.

Re: yield. Just got 5 grams off my fiest one if that 😂

Some pics in my #4 Journal of these.
I have this coming today

I don't know how true it is, but I heard that the probe should not dry out. Or it's just another reason to buy storage fluid.
Same - I buy a 4, 7 and KC 3 bottle set. You should only use 10 if you’re regulary testing for 8 and a above. I’m pretty rubbish at calibrating it. The BlueLab warns you every 30 days - I’ll go 2 months but I know it drifts higher the longer I go. I know the water post nute mix is always 6.3 which gives ne a reference.

I last calibrated it two weeks ago. It weirded out and asked for 4 solution normally 7 first then read every at 10 after. Really weird. I switched it off washed it off then ON and calibrated and it was fine. Had been reading 4.2 for 4.0. But its non linear I think - doesn’t mean it 7.2

Hope that makes sense or is helpful on Ph reading pens!

My pool company uses some paper digital thing. looks like it cost $1
It's that time again.

The @SeedsMan Black Sugar is coming around, after a good adjust PH'd flush of the soil. This is the only one that did not like her soil PH, so it took a week to bring her around and she appears to be much happier. I wanted to make sure everything was address before I flip her to 12/12 in about a week. The Black Sugar is going to be a decent size plant, but I think the Northern Lights (a) is going to be larger.

The Northern Light (a) is doing very well and getting bigger. I about a week I will be changing her light schedule of 18/6 to 12/12 for flower. NL has already started showing preflowers so she is ready to get this party rolling. I expect to see some fast growth once the light schedule changes.

Here are some current images.

That's all folk's.

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Thank you for stopping by @marcus611a

My apologizes for the late update.

The @SeedsMan Black Sugar and Northern Lights (a) are coming along nicely.

Black Sugar is a little behind, but starting to bulk up some. Currently at day 37 of 12/12 and she is starting to bulk up. The party is about to start with @SeedsMan Northern Lights(a) taking the lead and pushing out a lot of bud sites. They both have a nice medium green color with no signs of any type of problems.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here are some current images.

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Time for a quick update with images.

The @SeedsMan Black Sugar is doing quite well, after a bout of calcium deficiency (lockout) brought on by very low PH, just before switching to flower. She made that bend and is doing well, she needs a trim but doing well. Time to get this show on the road. She will get her first dose of @Prescription Blend bloom nutrients next week.

The new addition of @Canuk Seeds OG Kush is doing well. I will probably veg her for 4 to 5 weeks. She is half way there already. She does look like much yet, but the next couple weeks you will see her transform into of beauty.

Here are some currant images.

Be safe and grow well my friends,
Beautiful girls Tok!
@marcus611a and I are both finding our Black Sugar plants to be hungry for calcium too.
I second that emotion brother you hit the nail on the head on that one these seems to be hungry plants even in veg they also did not like low PH either I got their ph up to 6.7 and now they're able to take up every nutrient
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