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Day 13 of Bloom. The buds are stacking strongly on super strong branches that will be able to easily hold the weight.

SIP and a good strong light like this @Cultiuana is the right combination! We are at day 10 since last feeding and they will need more in 4 days. So far, I am seeing zero complaints about nutrition, so the @GeoFlora Nutrients seem to be doing fine after just that initial top watering on feeding day.

I have never seen praying like this, and I pride myself on being able to get the plants to pray. This is on a totally new level. Unlike most plants I have grown, without breaking them, it would be impossible to pull any of these branches down to horizontal... they are just too strong. Something is definitely going right here.

liking the light.JPG
stacking buds.JPG
stacking buds (2).JPG
praying hard.JPG
Most impressive turgid posture. LWA is every bit as sexy as bud porn to this skipper.
Ahoy my friend,
The turgid posture is indicative of healthy cultivars and is only attained when the GRN has dispatched the hormonal instructions that allow for the expenditure of available plant resources, facilitating the decrease in LWA. Some may tell you the plants are reaching for the light and wanting. This is a common misconception. The morphology clearly presented in your pictures proves this is not the case at all. The reason she is praying is her DNA encoded reaction (being happy) tells her to decrease LWA allowing for better canopy penetrations ensuring the lower flower bracts a bit better ripening. The GRN will only allow this expenditure of resources (-LWA) to occur when the plant falls into range of homeostasis. Another equally important consideration besides turgid posture energy requirements are the amount of available plant resources that are being expended as a function of shade avoidance. Plants do not grow towards the light. Plants grow away from shade. The foliar mass turns, always turning and bending away from shade.
There are those of us who think this produces strong vibrant plant fitness and may be why indoor gardens that do not have shade that is always chasing them are maybe less fit?

Please forgive the tardy arrival as my sails were only half full for a bit. I had to spew off about the hands. 👩‍🌾
I want to teach them how to give me the finger when they are ready.
Hope you dont mind me catching up and tagging along. :peace:

Poor lighting can have effect of praying hands indicated.
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