HD's 1st Indoor: 1200 Watt, Soil, Variety Of Autoflower

Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

On your second page:welldone:
And look at the crowd you've drawn.:bravo:
We know a good guy when we see one.:grinjoint:
It's way to late for you now. Your like the rest of us addicted to 420.:ganjamon:
Yes, one day I will look back at the day I got excited about "page two" and chuckle at the fond memory.....hehehe.
I dont know about a crowd yet, but I am sure stoked on the individuals that are paying my journal visits so far.
Oh, and I've been addicted for a long time, but now that I am finally truely participating I do see it coming to another level.....and I like it!! LMAO
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

OK, heres the updates for today. I harvested a few males I had going in another location and brought them to my girls. Two were just good healthy branchy big leafy dudes that had reddish purple flowers, and one was a nice duck dude. They were from the same starters, so from the same genetic mix (I'll be trying to breed them more stable down the road). Since I was gonna pull a bunch of the girls out of the room, one at a time, anyways for pollenation, I figured it would be a good time to get some better shots of all the different girls in better light. After they got their pics taken, 6 of them got some of their understory carefully brushed with some man juice. This was 4 non ducks (just the best 4 in my mind and how they look so far) with one of the two non duck males, and two ducks with one of the non duck males. The duck male flowers didn't quite open yet, so its sitting over night in its paper bag and should be ready to spread the love tomorrow. I will still pollenate the two ducks that already got non duck, I marked the three small branches that got dusted so I can keep them seperate. For the most part I am going for around 18-22 seeds per plant of those that are choosen, may get a few more.

OK, on to the pics. Like I said, there is a lot of variety, some are right about where I wanted/hoped/expected. Some are, lets say suprizes. Hopefully in another month I'll know if they are gonna be good suprizes. I left out a couple of the real stragglers, they'll still get their chance at the spotlight at some point I'm sure. Oh, and I dont really have any names for them yet, except of coarse the duckfoots as a group, so I am just going to let the girls and the pics speak for themselves. OK, now for real I'll get to the pics (can you tell I'm stoned :grinjoint: hehehehe).


kinda bad close-up of the top-



big leaves-









I don't know, I think its gonna be interesting for sure. There is a good group that I am really confident in to turn out great both in quality and quantity, others that I just gotta keep my fingers crossed they start filling out the way I want them to. A couple I know are gonna be pretty much popcorn buds, but if they can get solid enough to cure to even one gram each bud, thats still 30-35 grams (tried to count all the node/nug sites and there are just too many....lol). You can see on a lot of the plants I am pushing them pretty hard with the nutes (plenty burnt edges), but they dont seem to mind one bit. Like the title says, this is my first go at it, so I guess I just have to wait until the end to see how this all went.
Anyways, sorry for so many pics at once (at least for those of you with the 56k ;) ), and for more stoney rambling jibberish, but I guess thats the way this is gonna go.
:peace: and Pakaloha,
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

Aloha HawaiianDuck. Started to just put HD, but thought someone might get it mixed up with "Howard the Duck" a funny old movie.:grinjoint:

So you brought in the boys eh? If I had any I would to. Time to make more ducks and other mixes. I might try my hand at it, if I get a male next grow.

About the pictures, with all due respect to a certain Rat that has dial up,
people love pics, the more the better. In fact some folks will tell you they only look at the pics. Norcaliwood usually won't stop unless he see something in pic that caches his attention. So pore em on.;)

Don't worry we are high too so we understand you just fine:yahoo:

Looking good.
Pakaloha to you too. :peace::peace:
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Hey OMM, thanks for checkin in. Oh yeah, I remember Howard the Duck, and I wouldnt mind if ppl mistook HD for him, although I would think his annnogram would be HTD, or HtD. He sure was a charismatic duck tho, and if I have another duck male I may just give him that name ;)
Yep, that was the Rat I was thinking of when apologizing for all the pics. I like that Rat, he is one cool cat....hehe.
OK, you set the bar now. I guess I am going to have to work on getting a couple pics spectacular enough to gain Norcaliwood's attention. We'll see?!?!
Well, have an awesome Sunday dude (first one without football since summer.....withdrawls.....eeeck).
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

Thanks Butcher, got my fingers crossed I get some good seeds/breeds from this.

Well, its a rainy Sunday morn (stoked on that, we need the rain) so I guess I can take a few minutes to fill in some info to my grow that was left out before.

As far as my nutes, like I said I am using the Fox Farm trio, but I didn't give specifics. Thats mostly because I am pretty much going straight from the label. Since this is my first indoor, I want a very simple regimen for at least my first run, which then gives me a simple and clear point to deviate from. So around 10 days after germ, the little ones started getting 1/3 dose of the grow big, then slowly increased each feeding. When I transplanted the keiki from their 3"/4" starter cups I had slightly moistened the pro mix/cinder (with light lime/green sand added) with just water, then poured just a bit (maybe 3/4 cup) of grow big into the hole the plant would be placed into. Basically just enough to stimulate the roots and get them spreading around looking for the good stuff. Only a few of the plants needed another watering before they sexed and started on 12/12 flower, and they just got water. This was mostly to try to keep the grow big almost absent from the big pots so they could start getting clean doses of the Tigerbloom for their next feedings. The Tigerbloom started at 2tsp per gal increasing to almost 3 tsp/gal by the end of their 3rd week of flower. All but 3 (the stragglers, they got 2tsp/gal of TB) got just water with a decent bit of run-off thier last watering which was 2 days ago. Next watering they will get the big 4tsp/gal feeding and we'll see how that goes. Right now they are about 5 days between watering/feeding. I plan on starting molasses on the feed after the 4tsp. Never tried molasses before, but there seems to be a high level of agreement that its a very good thing. I think I will wait until they got more like 2 days between feeds to do a full flush, unless of coarse I see any problems before then. Not totally sure when to start with the Big Bloom, and am a little unclear on whether its best to add that in with the TB, or feed in an every other rotation. I am staying away from foliar feeding for this one, really want to keep the moisture in the room to an absolute minimum at least this time (I want to see a whole harvest without ANY budrot, that would be a first for me coming from the Hawaiian outdoor growing background). My water is from a water catchment system (10,000 gal tank, 2 10 micron pre-filter and a UV filter), and since we have a lovely volcano putting a bit of acidity into the rain, I am not adjusting the PH on my nutes. Seems OK so far. I do have a fairly cheap soil probe PH reader, but havent bothered using it yet and probably wont unless I see problems.
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated on this, but like I said, I probably won't deviate much on this grow, but may apply something new on the next one.
Its looks like the rain is gonna keep going for a while, so I will probably post again with some details of the how/why I built my grow room.
Much Aloha,
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

OK, guess I lied about filling in details about the grow room construction yesterday. Got as call to go fishing down at the cliffs, and I couldn't resist. Turned out the swell was too big so we just cruised, smoked, drank a few, and watched the waves and a few groups of humpbacks. One had a pretty small calf that was playing, breaching, and putting on a great show overall.

No one really commented on the plants themselves from my last pictorial update, I am taking that to mean I may not be the only one on the fence about whether these are gonna be kick-ass plants or not. Or maybe ya'll aren't on the fence at all, and just think they kinda suck ?!?!??
I did realize (way too late) that somehow I missed taking a pic of one of my best ducks (stoner). I will try to remedy that today and get pics of the few best girls, and maybe try to get a little better close ups.
OK, off to work for now, then go see the girls (my fav part of the day!!). Oh, and hopefully today, or in the next couple days, I am getting a group of clones to put into veg. They are either Northern Lights or White Widow, I don't know which cause it was one of those talk in code phone calls, but I know they guy that its coming from only has those two strains. Either way its pretty exciting.
Hope everyone has an awesome day, and may the Green gods be smiling on you all!
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

quuick question duck. The plants look like they're doing great. Just wondering do oyou know if when they were cut into clones if they were flowering plants that the clones were cut off of? The reason why I ask is I see 1 7 3 fingered fam leafs and usually that means that it was cut off a flowering mother. Not hat it would make any difference, just curiousity. I'm still tripp'n on the amount of tops you got on them. This is a + to cutting off flowering plants. They tend to allow more soots to grow out. anyhow, great looking ladies. Cant wait to see the next batch of picts,when you get a chance. Always on hawaiian time:rofl:
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

OK, a few pics, first is the one I forgot last time which was a really bone head move cause she's one of my favs.

Her top(s)-

The other furthest along/most budding duck (she was included in the last pics)-

her top(s)-

the other most budded so far, not duck-

more attempts at close ups of her baby-nugs just starting to frost-


and closer-

So the two duckfoots are about 26 days of flowering (or at least sexing) and the other one is day 22 of flowering (sexing) but its actually about 10 days younger than the ducks.

OK, thats all the girls I am showing off for tonight.
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

quuick question duck. The plants look like they're doing great. Just wondering do oyou know if when they were cut into clones if they were flowering plants that the clones were cut off of? The reason why I ask is I see 1 7 3 fingered fam leafs and usually that means that it was cut off a flowering mother. Not hat it would make any difference, just curiousity. I'm still tripp'n on the amount of tops you got on them. This is a + to cutting off flowering plants. They tend to allow more soots to grow out. anyhow, great looking ladies. Cant wait to see the next batch of picts,when you get a chance. Always on hawaiian time:rofl:

Right on Butcher. None of these are from clones, all from seeds I cracked in soil. There are some pretty weird finger #'s and patterns on a few of these. They tend to start with anywhere from 7-9 down low, then as they get higher get less until single leaf at the top. I've seen this before in some previous batches of the same genetics. One is really odd tho (or more like even), it starts fairly normal at the bottom with 7 leaves, but by the middle there are some that are 4 and 2. I've only had one other plant with a bunch of even #ed fingers to the leaves, and that was an awesome plant. It had 13,12,11,10,9,etc. down to one. But yeah, its kinda weird, but still from seed.

The branchiness is mostly from topping and LST. Both I did a good bit later than I think most do (at least from the journals I've read). I topped most of them when they had about 12-14 nodes, taking just the very top. They were about an inch or so per node, so just over a foot. A couple days later I followed with giving them their first LST tie down. Almost all of those got a second LST tie down a week-week and a half later. Then sometimes daily turns to really expose all the brances to full light and get them reaching for it. Its turning out nicely I think, I have the bulk of my budsites on most plants within 12" of each other, putting most of them with 24" of the 600w. Plus I have built 12 plant stands of various heights to go under the pots to adjust the overall canopy to compensate for having 28"-40" plants under the same light. I do have a few that I am leaving alone (no topping or training) as a control group to compare with, but the lack of homogeneity means its not going be the most accurate test. But I think I should be able to gleen enough from seeing the difference to know if all the training helps overall.

Thanks for keeping interest in this Butcher, good to have you around brah!
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

No prob. I like the sole set up and you've done your research on the strain on hand. and the topping lst'n is A! in my book. I definetly give you credit for using a control group. Thats one point I have yet to cover here in my breeing journal. I keep one as well, well to be honest a few groups(different crosses) as well, but its funny I never talk about it, cause most peeps dont really get that far into it. I owe you a +rep for that. You made my intrest in this journal 1000x's more then before.:goodjob:

and might I add those are some nice looking ladies HD!!
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

Just a quick update. I couldn't get to the plants yesterday (small kine injury) which made me a little nervous because I knew they had to be hard up for water. I wanted to let them get a little dried out/droopy but not quite as bad as they were when I got there today. No permanent damage, all the girls where back to normal by the end of the feed (it takes me about an hour and a half to water the 15 girls 15 gal, nice and slow). The one really cool thing to was the two duckfoots with the super dark and waxy leaves (the two in the pics above, top two, not the third) showed no signs of wilt or dehydration in any way. Their pots were just as dry for sure, but all that wax keeps their persperation down. I knew that in theory I guess, but cool to see it so dramaticly in a more controlled setting. Love the ducks fo sho!!
I'll have more pics in a couple days, they got a heavy feediing today (3.5 tsp/gal tigerbloom + 3.5 tbs/gal big bloom) and should be super happy in a couple days.
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

Its a wake and bake morning here in paradise (no special occaision, just cause). If I get stoned enough I might just fill in some more details about my set-up, if I get too stoned, probably not....lol! We'll see in about 15 min.
Re: HD's 1st Indoor; 1200w/soil/variety of autoflower

Here are the pics I have of the room set-up-

I started with making 3' and 4' 2x4 frames and sheeting them with 3/8" ply, then bolted them together to form the walls and ceiling:
Here is the first corner in (I didn't take any more pics of that part cause I was trying to jam and get it done that day cause the Keiki (kids) were getting too big for their makeshift undertable space)-

Here it is pretty much shelled in and mostly painted (still haven't finished...slacker.. :( -

the other view-

Inside, the stacked 4' and 2' veg chambers-

veg chambers closed, also here you can see the air intake for the room, pulls very cool air from outside and shoots it downward in the corner opposite the exaust (frickin feels like AC air coming out...sweet!!)-

Here are the removable hanging flower room reflectors to give them all 4 sides of bright whiteness without cutting off accessability or air circulation-


But yeah, thats it. I built it so I can pretty much take it all down in a day if needed, and put it back up in a day with hopefully a couple more panels to expand it into a bigger space. First I need a bigger space, but I am working on it. For now, this is where I am and this is what I got, and its all good :grinjoint:

Alright, I think I am out of updates, woohoo. I would be super stoked if anyone had any questions, comments, suggestions, or just a howzit braddah! I am definately here to learn and share, and share a good vibe with this great community.

Pakaloha :peace:

OK, so a little more detail of the how and why of my grow room design. First, I want to acknowledge most every bit of design consideration came from reading a shitload of info on this site, so a big mahalos to 420!

So I guess I'll start with the plan as it started almost a year ago. I was planning on renting a house back then, and specifically a house with an extra bedroom to set up in. I wanted a fairly large space (minimum 10'x10) with full stealth capabilities. My idea was to build a completely contained and sealed room within that room. The inner room would then be divided by another full wall seperating the veg area and the flower area. I was looking for a house/bedroom with open beam or vaulted ceiling so I would have a good amount of space above the room to give the warm/hot exhaust air to re-mix with cooler fresh air as somewhat of a thermal imaging shield just in case any of that was to happen. Also the room inside the room would provide me with two locked doors between any visitors and the plants, any noise should be totally un-noticable thru two sets of walls, and carbon filters would keep the smell contained as well. That way I could let anyone I wanted come into the house and visit, and if it ever came up I could just say the landlord keeps that room for storage and I don't have the key. If anything really got screwy and I needed to close up "shop" quickly, the whole room/walls are panelized and bolted so I could pull everything down and out in a short day. Anyway, that was kind of the theories and starting point for building what I did. I did look at some tents and other pre-fabbed boxes and such, but after looking at the prices went down to home depot and priced out the lumber and figured out I could build a big room for about $300 (shell/walls only, no vent/electric equip). Thats way cheaper than any tents I found, plus having plywood walls rather than fabric meant way better thermal and noise insulation. It also gives me the freedom to put holes, screws, eye-screws, hook screws, duck tape, etc. etc., anywhere I want without worry, and since this was my first indoor set up, I liked the idea of that freedom to adjust things however I wanted.
So, anyways, that was the starting point in my head. Then money got a little too tight and I had to revize the plan, and I wound up in a fairly large studio w/loft instead of a 2(+) bedroom house. The bad about it: its a studio so there is no room to hide the room, so, no visitors. Also, the room had to be smaller in order to fit between the windows on the two walls my room would share (it woulda looked weird from the outside if the windows were blocked half way by walls on the inside). So my 10'x10' (or bigger) plan got scaled down to 8'x7'. The good about the space: the studio is amazingly cool for being in Hawaii, due to a combination of being up about 10' from the ground with windows on all four side giving great thru house breeze, the loft giving any warm air a place to go up and out, and best of all thermal insulation in the roofs to keep the hot tin roofs heat out of the house (I am figuring any overhead thermal imaging really shouldn't see anything). So the air I pull from the studio into the grow room is pretty cool without any need for airconditioning, and I can vent right out of the top for exhaust and that warm air moves/gets pulled up and out without warming the studio at all. I can hear the grow room can fans thru the wall while I am in the studio, but outside it really isn't noticable. I do plan on building some sound proof boxes to contain the can fans in (basically a box just a little bigger than the fan with 6" holes on either side for ducting and the inside lined with probably egg cartons to kill the sound), but not right away. I have a few more improvements I want to try out, but probably not until the next grow. I am hoping that I can do one more grow after this one where I am at, then I will hopefully be back on track to get a bigger (real) house, at which point I break this room down, build more panels to add to the space, and put it back together bigger and better.
Well, thats enough rambling on the subject of my room I guess. Hope y'all have a stoney great day.
Much Aloha,
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Love to see you growing in Soil! I still can't figure out out to get pictures on these threads!! :(

First, a big :thanks: for stopping by and saying hi!

Yeah, I feel pretty comfortable with soil, I have been doing the outdoor thing for 20 years, so I figured one thing at a time, try the indoor thing but stick with soil at least for now. Maybe next step will be a more automated watering/feeding system cause doing it by hand now takes me close to 2 hours for all the girls.

Heres the link to the picture trip-
Photo Gallery Guide: How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

Much Aloha to you,
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