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Hi everyone! Welcome to my first journal of 2016. :)
This will be my second grow in my new house. I wasn't able to document my auto grow as I've had a few climbing trips since xmas.

First off I'd like to thank all the great growers I've been stalking for the last 2+ years here at 420 Mag. The amount of information available on this site is endless! Light Addict, Cultivator, Doc Bud, Greytail, A-train, Conradino, Icemud, Cola Monster, Dr Ziggy and Co Finest all deserve a special mention!

Let's get down to business! I grow in a 1.4x1.4x2m tent in a coco/perlite mix with Canna base nutes and most of the AN additives. I can't name my lights as they are from an ex sponsor here at 420 but I am running 4 180w 12 band spectrum leds. Strain will be lemon kush this run. Hands down one of the best strains I tried in Amsterdam last year! Incredible flavour with a nice zippy high! I built a 1.2m scrog to maximise yield for my system.

I live in Australia so unfortunately I have to keep my plant count low to avoid prosecution. I bought a second smaller tent recently. My plan is to run two plants from seed on a 12 week cycle. I have a old Mars hydro led for the smaller tent.

What strain is it? Feminised Lemon Kush from Herbies.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Grows like a indica with a sativa high.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Popped her head above ground Jan 1st. Has been veg'n since.
If in Veg... For how long? 5 weeks.
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor tent with 1.2m scrog.
Soil or Hydro? Coco/Perlite mix.
If soil... what is in your mix? N/A
If soil... What size pot? Will finish in a 45L air pot.
Size of light? 4 x 180w leds.
Is it aircooled? N/A
Temp of Room/cab? Fluctuates between 24 and 30c depending on the weather. It's summer atm so the portable ac is on 10 of the 16 hours any day over 32c
RH of Room/cab? 30-50%
PH of media or res? 6.0
Any Pests ? Not so far! Fingers crossed. :)
How often are you watering? Daily, no run off.
Type and strength of ferts used? Will post my feed schedule in full later.

And now for some pics!
Here she is at around 15 days old just after her first topping.

Her roots at first pot change. I use Great White and Voodoo Juice in the first two weeks of grow and flower to promote a healthy root system.

Here are a few pics I took of here yesterday . I have trained her for 4 even tops and stripped all growth off under the third top node. She is 5 weeks old.

A full tent shot. She will have the whole tent to herself in about 2 weeks. There's 4 fast and vast by heavyweight seeds finishing up atm. Decent strain but I had temp and pH issues early so they didn't reach their full potential unfortunately.

That's it for now! I plan on doing weekly updates with other random bits and pieces as they pop up. Questions and advice are highly encouraged! The best way to learn is together!! :)
Looks nice mate. Think Id have gone for HPS light over the 4 180w panels.

The harvest looks small for such large pots? was it a short veg time? You should get a nice result running 1 plant in a 45 llitre pot in that space.

Are you applying great white direct to the roots zone or watering in?

i will tag along :)
Looks nice mate. Think Id have gone for HPS light over the 4 180w panels.

The harvest looks small for such large pots? was it a short veg time? You should get a nice result running 1 plant in a 45 llitre pot in that space.

Are you applying great white direct to the roots zone or watering in?

i will tag along :)

Welcome Cultivator! It's great to have you along for the ride. :)
The F&V's are autos. I was away climbing for the first two weeks of their lives so missed the training window to maximise yield. I also had pH issues which stunted them I believe.
I have a 600w air cooled set up but switched to led as temps are much easier to manage with led here in summer. We are having a crazy heat wave this week actually. 35, 40, 42, 42, 40, 39c are the daytime temps for the next week. Ac unit it working overtime just to keep it around 27c in the tent!
I have seen these panels pull 1.75 pounds on a single plant grow with a 12 week veg. I hope to replicate this result some day! Atm my goal is 10-15 for the first run and then hopefully fine tune and increase from there!
I have been watering Great White in so far but after watching your recent vid with apply directly to the roots at next transplant!
ok mate its summer in oz right now so i bet its a nightmare. my wife is from sydney so i know what its like.

Did you see that result with your own eyes? a 12 week veg is a long time. i would never do that unless i had a seperate veg room. u would average more per year doing more harvests for sure. or switch to dwc. i vegged a clone 2 weeks and flowered 8bweeks and got 14oz dry. its documented in an old journal somewhere.

you will get great roots by applying powder direct to root zone. u waste alot watering it in. it took me a while to figure that one out. i tend to sprinkle in coco everytime i transplant and i water in a small amount first coiple weeks of flower. just feed with carboload once per week to keep it alive.
The grow I'm talking about was documented here on 420. It was a sponsored journal so the numbers could have been dummied up but I like to think that they weren't. It was a beast of a plant!
Only reason I'm growing this way is because I have a second tent to veg in. Under aussie law if I was done for cultivation they could take my house from me. With only two plants I can claim personal use. I would love to have six plants in the tent but just can't risk it!
Very valid point on the waste of GW when watering. As hard as I've tried there is always at least 10% undissolved left in the watering container.
Can you take a side view pic, I want to see how far up and how she looks after her hair cut? I've topped one of my photo plants twice and I just want to see what she looks like. Thanks!

Here you go! Flash is on as my lighting isn't the best at night.
I'm really liking the way this plant is growing! Crazy strong stems and super tight nodal spacing. She's about 6 inches tall and at 6 nodes now. I'll probably remove 3-4 more after the transplant to make watering a bit easier.
Looking good. Was thinking about going with herbies for an order in the future. Nice looking plants, and thumbs up to u for growing, but doing it responsibly. Im doin my best to keep my grow legal as well.
Quick update! I chopped the first Fast and Vast this weekend. Looks and smells tasty! 3 more still going strong, one goes onto flush tomorrow and the other two are maybe half a week behind that. Here's a shot of her top cola.

The Lemon Kush got potted up into the 18L air pot after it had been cleaned. Roots got dusted with Great White and I gave her a L of water with a light nutrient mix. Here's a couple of pics. :)

That's it for now. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the fruits of our labour! :blunt:
I just thought i'd pop in and say hello :thumb:

Looking interesting & i must admit i am a fan of those air pots been using using em since day dot of growing my own !
Hey Fuzzy! Pull up a chair and have a hit mate. :passitleft:
Loving the air pots too! Crazy good roots and transplant and moving them around is so easy. :)
Just read through your F&V journal and it looks like ours finished up very similar. I put the first one into a jar today. Dried weight was 13.9 grams. Dried a little faster than I would have liked but considering we haven't had a day under 30c in 2 weeks I can't complain. They were in the second tent which sits at 18-25c and 40-50% RH with no lights on. Took about 3.5 days to dry. Smells amazing and the buds are rock hard which for a summer grow is very surprising! Can't wait to try it in a couple of weeks after a good cure!
Ye love to pull up a chair & see what tricks ya up to :green_heart:

Glad you read through the recent completed journal & that we shared similar results with the strain, it was my first attempt at an auto not knowing what to expect really but hey it is all about a growing experience to share & learn from each other.

Mines still drying a little, i checked em the other day with it all looking good around 10 days so far but not had time to trim / jar up for curing yet & must admit a very pleasant smell.

Mmm still pondering over your RO ph issue tho, i'll have dig around to see what i can find on that !

The only other thing which crossed my mind was that the filters might be in the wrong order by some random chance ?

Sounds like you are in a hard water area with tap water being PH 8 & may suggest the water is sourced from the bed rock from bore holes etc or collected in massive lake, the high PH is more likely an effect from the natural bed rock which might be a type of lime or chalk which are both alkaline base.
Wow 10 days!! I wish I could get a slow dry like that. Usually winter crops dry in about 7 days here. I'd love to see what yours looks like when it's dry. I'll throw up a pic of mine tomorrow morning in natural light.
You are very correct in your assumptions about my water. Super hard and most houses have a bore. But that's usually just for the garden. Tap water is collected in dams around the state. The ro is dropping the ec by 0.5 so I'm pretty sure it's set up correctly. It's not a 5 stage which is why I think it's not getting down to 0ec. Will be using ro full time after I drain my res doing a flush tonight. Guess I'll find out pretty quick if it's not working correctly! :)
Ye normally i can get around 10 to 14 days average but depends on bud/cola/mass size.

Anyway some where along the lines of a lot of digging around on the ol internet i found some seed breeds site & i believe it was dinafem who gave a pretty cool drying process :thumb:

I've been running with it for awhile now but i'm hardly clinical condition depending on season & temps etc

First 3 days 50% RH temp 20c to 22c when the bud is most moist as these guide lines help prevent bud rot & may happen whilst drying !

The remaining period 60% RH 18c to 20c aprox.

Takes about 10 to 14 days.

Ye most of the time i can pull that off give or take a little but do run a dehumidifier to keep RH in check whilst drying.

But ye most of it is down to environmental conditions to where we live or how far one may go to adjust it in the fine art of growing :Namaste:
Ok weekly update time! :)

It's been a quiet week for the lemon kush. She's been spreading out her roots and getting over the slight transplant shock and mild case of over watering she went through last weekend. Despite that she still grew about half an inch and put out two sets of nodes. Here's how she looked at the start of today's adventures.

Next step was her final trim before getting set up to fill the scrog once installed. I took off all growth under the top 3 nodes and used a little lst to even out the tops. I'll let her grow up for now until final transplant into the 45L air pot. After that I'll start spreading her out. Pics of the new hair do.


Gave her a drink with some light nutes and added in some silica, B52, Ca/Mg and cannazym. She was quite dry so looking super happy right now! :thumb:

Last up I pulled one of the F&V's out for a couple of pics. Thus one got her last feed today and will give her a good flush on Monday. Also grabbed a pic of some of the dried first plant. Nuggets are super solid! I've never got this quality from a summer grow before. Combination of ac, new lights and new feed schedule has me very excited for future grows!! :)

That's it for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend and may your buds be blessed with much awesomeness!
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