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Share Your Mars Hydro Grow To Win The SP 250: Mars Hydro


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Hello everyone!

Mars Hydro Smokesara here again. I know I am holding a lot activities, haha! But this time, we will narrow down the activity to our Marsian growers only. If you are not Marsian yet, no problem, just keep an eye on it and watch it will be also fun, Who knows maybe someday you will be.

Anyway, back to the Topic, Here I will explain how to participate: :circle-of-love:
- Time: Dec.9th ~ Dec 31th
- How: Post your Mars Hydro growing under the threads: Either picture of video will be fine. But in the picture or videos, will need to show the lights and plants both. Try to make it more clean and beautifu!
- No limited entries. it means, you can share as much as you wish.
- Comment whatever you want, but better add a #marshydroledgrow and tag me. @SmokeSara
- We will pick 5 most nicely shown pictures or videos and run a poll. (This will be desided by Mars crew directly)
- And we will run a poll and you can give vote to the ones you like the most:

What winner will get: :ganjamon:
- 2 of the SP 250 lights + one 4x4 tent
- the growers whose pictures or videos are picked, will get an additional 30USD coupon for the new lights, and you can use it in 6 months:green_heart:

Again, thank you everyone for the support for the long time! And hope everyone good luck!


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Got some pics taken now. Waiting for tent to come so I can take more.

Thanks SmokeSara and Mars Hydro for another unbelievable giveaway.


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Thank you for the long time support! :green_heart:
Got some pics taken now. Waiting for tent to come so I can take more.

Thanks SmokeSara and Mars Hydro for another unbelievable giveaway.


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Wooohooooooo another giveaway! This is crazy Sara :yahoo: Ill upload the pic(s) soon ^^
Can’t fit more lights space wise and bill wise so just a tent for winning would be enough :Rasta:

enjoy the giveaway everyone:Namaste:


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wow and wow again Sara. I am so in and will happily throw these in the mix from this grow and previous . I could have a veg tent. wow that would be the ultimate finish to my build.
#marshydroledgrow and @SmokeSara my perfect combo

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Just some quick questions for @SmokeSara...

Does every image have to include the whole light, or is part of the light OK? Does the part showing need to include your logo?

Are images that don't show the light, but show a feature of a plant grown under the light allowed as part of a larger entry? For example, I have close up images of plants, leaves, and colas of plants grown under a Mars Hydro TSL-2000 that were taken outside of the tent.

I've gone through the images on my camera, and while there are several that include the TSL-2000, many don't. My journal for that grow stated that they were grown under a Mars Hydro light, but they are more about the plants in the grow rather than the light,


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So.... whats in the bag? Is that a humidity device??
Nominate it is a co2 bag for extra into the room while vegging. called " Exhale " .had decent results previously with them and the bag, when depleted, will.make great mushroom/fungi mulch for my living soil.

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