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Crumbs To Brix: Archiweedies' Organic, 4x8, Doc Bud's


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Those flowers look trippy!
5 of 6 sprouted, and I've been growing all 5 for like a year now. I can verify, that this weed is not the weed you smoke on the way to work. Or on the way to anything, where a memory is required. This strain is a true one hit high ! the crop we're smoking now , was grown in coco coir, and don't have a lot of that organic taste. Can't wait to taste it, from Docs kit soil, 8 days into bloom !!


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Happy 4/22 everyone :ciao:.

Great final weights AW! Many congrats on a terrific first HB grow...only getting better from here! In the tent at least :). New learning curve for outside :slide:.
I was inspired by Shed and several others, to drop a seed today

All three have tails, two are now in peat!


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Hey Shed, thanks for the kind words man! I’m not into numbers necessarily but it’s nice to hit a pound just as kinda a cool benchmark hehe.

I let temps get a little warm in the veg box so I hope she comes through okay. I didn’t soak the seed or anything just put it right into a root riot plug.
Here’s the Monday update ;):

I’ve separated the AK47 cut and the GD-1 from the other veg box simply because I wanted to test putting them on a 14/10 light schedule to emulate what the schedule will be after I harden them off. Speaking of hardening off, I started that process today by placing them outside for about 5 hours in indirect sunlight. They are going to live a little like Shed’s plants until I get them all the way outside.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put this AK cut out or cull it. If I cull it, I’ll likely take a couple cuts first just to keep the line going.

Outdoors, Sheds AK47 is looking phenomenal! I’ve been hitting her with 1/4 strength foliars as part of my ipm. I hope to have her in a bigger pot very soon.
The Mother Earth soil she’s in has been mostly depleted so I’ve just given her a drench here and there and she seems to like it.

Cheers all!

Amy Gardner

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What Penny said ^ !

Nice to see those Durbans starting to grow too. :)
Thanks Shed, yeah the Durban’s are happier after upcanning. :thumb:
Hey AG!:ciao:
Looking healthy Archi !! Good luck with this years outside grow. What pests will you be fighting. Grasshoppers, slugs, etc. ? I will miss, having something growing outside.
Thanks SP :high-five:
Ahh pests... so far, in my limited outdoor experience, I’ll expect to see leafhoppers,aphids, some grasshoppers maybe. In flower we have the dreaded budworm. Those little buggers are the same color as the stalk and crawl right up inside the buds and cause rot from the inside out.


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Nice update, you got lots a plants to keep you busy, good luck with the outdoor plants. I'm hoping to avoid those pests too.


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Nice update, you got lots a plants to keep you busy, good luck with the outdoor plants. I'm hoping to avoid those pests too.
Hey thanks bro. Yeah I’ve got a decent handle on them for the time being. I’ve got seven plants, though I only foresee keeping two for outdoors and if the autoflower ever pops out of the root riot plug. I Put it in the plug on 4/20.

I’ve have a cut each of the two Bedroom Cookies phenos I just harvested. Little longer curing and Ill be ready to comment on the smoke report.

Then I have two cuts that have been revegging for months of the purple Durban. They’re finally taking off and I hope to share some cuts of that for a while. I also want another stab at her in the 4x8 this fall. I’m going to get organized enough for a perpetual from about October to March.

Cheers Age!


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Awesome on the pound Archi. Everything looking good and makes me want to.up my indoor game a bit.
Thanks so much Lerugged! My indoor game needs plenty of work haha! I hope my outdoor game is a fraction as good as yours though! Cheers buddy!

My plan for the summer is Autos inside and photo's outside.
Yeah I hear ya Age! I need a break from electric bills. The air conditioning alone in the summer is bad enough, never mind a bigger bill from all the lights and equipment.

If I were actually inside my home and growing, I’d have a couple plants going too bro! My garage is already hitting 93F. In fact my seed I dropped on 4/20 probably wont ever germinate.


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My garage is already hitting 93F. In fact my seed I dropped on 4/20 probably wont ever germinate.
It's warming up pretty quickly here. Yesterday was 86, today maybe hotter.
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