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LKABudMan Back In Deep Water: 4 Purple Haze Clones In RDWC


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Tokin Roll

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Well it took me a couple days but I am caught up now.

Hope all is well with you and yours.
I love how your growing, became a family hobby.

Looking good @LKABudMan

I have a couple questions.

Do you think the second net was necessary looking back from today?
The canopy looks nice and level, and spread out over the net for good light preparation.

Is the second net like a sog net?

The reason I ask is because I have never had to use a second net.
The silica I feed them during the whole grow thicken up my stems to support large bud/cola sites.

Aside from my mundane questions; you are doing a fantastic job.
I will try too keep up this time. :19:

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,


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Hey @Tokin Roll thanks for stopping by. I didn't get them in the tent in time and had a hard time spreading the canopy out using the first net. I had to break all of the limbs and tie them onto the first net just to keep the height down. I ended up needing the second net to finish up spreading out the buds and evening the canopy.

For my next grow, I'll be starting the clones in the RDWC. That way I'll be able to spread out the plants as they grow and fill the net before flipping. I hope I won't need a second net for the next grow ;)

Funny you should talk about growing becoming a family affair. My dad is getting ready to flip his third grow into flower, and my son just started two autos a couple of weeks ago. They're doing great and he's having a lot of fun. It's really warming up here in VA, supposed to be close to 100f this weekend I'll be staying inside or close to water:surf: Hope all is going well with you.


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Date: 5/19/22 - Day 39 of flower (W6D4)
Strain - Purple Haze photo clones x 4
Grow space - Vivosun 48x48x80 tent in basement
Light height and reading - Vivosun VS4000 400w LED @ 100% 12 Inches away - 75k LUX
Extraction - AC Infinity 6" extraction fan with Controller69
2x 6" oscillating fans + Tower oscillating fan + 12" floor fan (on ceiling)
Nutrients - Stout MSA, Mega Crop, Hydroguard, z7, Purpinator, Big Bud, Bud Candy
Medium - 8" Netpots with clay balls in RDWC system (5x13g buckets)
Water - Carbon-filtered well water (100ppm/8.1pH)
Weekly Temperatures

Temps have been steady, if a little on the warm side. I would really like to get the lows to the mid 60s during flower, but I'm not sure I see a way to do that in the summer. I'm just happy the basement stays relatively cool. The humidity and VPD are staying in a good range.

I've been giving them more water this week, but they still got fed a couple of times. I'm trying to keep them right in this range and it is a bit of a balancing act. I removed a few columns from the spreadsheet, namely the after readings. With the RDWC, it takes 20-30 minutes to get a good after reading and I don't usually wait that long.

I don't know that I have ever seen buds grow and stack like this before. I went back and took a look at their mother at this age and she looked fairly normal. These buds are throwing up a new leaf set, then new pistils inside that. Is this foxtailing?

Could this be too much touching while putting them into the net on day 25? I know I saw a lot of orange hairs immediately after that and assumed it was due to the abuse. I've looked them over really well and I don't see any seeds or nanners. The buds are still building so I'm not too worried, I'm just not sure what I'm seeing. I decided to show a view from the less-used entry, the left side of the tent.

It's supposed to be close to 100f this weekend, so I plan on staying in the house or close to water :surf: And don't forget it's not just your plants that need water! Stay hydrated out there folks and have a great weekend!


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Thanks @steelcurtain22 I'm trying to keep the buds as equal distance to the light as possible so that they all get the same amount of PPDF, around 1000-1200. With LEDs lights the intensity drops off quickly with distance. Of course, no matter what I do there's one or two that stick up ;)


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They look wonderful to me. I hope they taste as good as they look. I've got a thick screen going with the Hawaii Maui Waui but didn't manage to fill the screen. My discolored pistils don't seem to be a problem yet. I've got lots of air blowing on them. My other screen is filling nicely, I just wish the plants would grow at the same rate.


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Hey @LKABudMan how’s your day treating you? I was looking at getting into dwc for the first time next grow and was looking at Amazon but how do I tell if it’s going to be a good kit or not?
Hi @TwelveCoffee When I started out, I went with "Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow Systems (4) 5 Gallon - 6" Buckets". It came with stones, an air pump, buckets, netpots, and sight glasses (blue tubes on the side). It was a decent setup for DWC. Here are the issues I had with it:
- The air pump that came with the kit was undersized. I ended up buying another air pump and using both.
- The air stones that came with it were 2x2. I bought a 10 pack of 2x4 air stones and ended up using those.
- The sight glasses on the side are nice to tell how full the bucket is. However, they tend to grow algae as they are exposed to the light. I had to get a brush and clean them every bucket change.

If you can get black buckets and the netpot lids, you're probably better off putting the kit together yourself. I had a hard time finding black buckets at a reasonable price, so would probably find the cheapest kit with decent buckets & netpots and then get additional air pump/stones. It's always good to have the backup anyways.

The recirculating kits on the zon aren't worth the hassle, as the kits are tied together with very small tubing. There are some kits that have drip rings built in (atwater?) that may be nice for the first couple of weeks.

Hope you're having a great weekend. Tag me if you have any additional questions.


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When I started this grow almost 100 days ago, I started with the four clones in DWC and another 12 clones in soil. I gave most of the soil clones away, but my wife kept two to keep in her studio. She keeps cheap grow lights on 24/7 to keep them in veg. If you ever wondered how much difference good lighting makes, here it is.

Can you believe these plants are the same age as my clones in flower? They hardly ever need water/nutes because they have so little light. At some point I may have to stick one back on the grow tent just to see how it takes off ;)


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A few days ago I listed some things that would make this grow less boring, and I knew I missed one big one. But I've never had problems with bugs. That won't jynx me, will it?

I found these this morning Luckily I have this just delivered from bud of the Month.

Thanks @Sierra Natural Science but I was hoping wishing I would never need it. I'll be spraying tonight just before lights off. Let's see what this SNS 217C does...
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