CajunCelt's Sativa - Medical - 12 Strains - Last of 2014

Smoke Report

I hit some of the S.L. Haze at 4:20 today. It's not cured yet & really shouldn't have had any kick yet.
I had to take half a Zanex to chill out. Holy sh$te. In 2 weeks, I'm going to have to put a warning label on those jars.
Well, I put this update in the wrong journal, so sorry for the repeat.

Harvested the Blue Dream. Got a lil over 3 oz from her.

Since, the Chocolope & Snow White are coming down this weekend, I'll chop the other 3 as well & wrap this up.


I've planned my new 2015 grow & will pm invites.
That's probably it for this grow.

Thanx for hanging around. Had some drama this past grow, but getting lined out. I'll reread all the shite I went through someday. Lol.
Update, part dieux:

Here's the Snow White. About 2.5 oz I think. She smells wicked.


I'll chop the Chocolope Kush & the 3 others this weekend.

These roots are 3 days old & dried out, but of you doubted Hempy method of growing, you can't ignore these. This root system was way more developed than my fabric pots. Go figure. I was about to stop growing using Hempys. Not now.

Hope all is well in your world.

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:nicethread: Can't wait for the next one.
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