NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

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Aloha, hola and copious colas to growers from polar to polar and the whole world over!

I've helped with some grass in the past but now I finally have a half suitable situation so I sewed some seeds. But not just any seed. A Bagseed I found in my hallway from a hermed batch I got from a friend a while back. Put it in some houseplant soil (cringeworthy I know but at least it wasn't miracle grow!) I had for my jade bonsai, put a white CFL from my bendy arm desk lamp an inch away from the top and started reading.


So many questions. I scoured the web for all the knowledge and found some forums a little on the dim side apart from a few bright lights but then I found 420 mag. I read so many light addict threads that I'd talk in an accent afterwords mate lol

Then I remembered chucking another seed from the same era (almost a year before lol) into the corner behind the coatrack in the breezeway lol


So I grabbed a big blue CFL from my dude down the street who had some extra and had two CFLs, two little Bagseeds and big dreams lol

As the dates indicate that was two months ago so I've got a lot of pictures to post and story to type but I'll just start this here as I've had trouble posting all the pics in one fell swoop. Just got this app so this is a test as well as an introduction! Thank you and look forward to many posts a day with loads of pics during an eventful veg lol.
re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

Well that seemed to work so onward and upward!

I feel like before I delve into the past and post all the topping pics and whatnot I ask: just because I can does it mean I should?

So in accord with the guidelines I'll post a few current pics and some specifics about my current situation and the transition that looms in the horizon lol


Thursday with the lights out to see untainted color and point of reference for growth rate compared to today's pics:

Group photo with the CFL bulb supplementing daily and breaking flowering hormone for an hour at midnight without having to turn on big bulb (gaslight)

Bagseed 1

BS1 flux stem

And the big and beautiful Bagseed 2 (I really need to name them proper I'm just afraid to attach before sexing lol)


She lost a limb early on and lost the soggy end of her tap root up potting but she (fingers crossed) is growing strong and has some nice sati a spacing compared to my stout millipede that is BS1 the older sis.

I switched from the 3 CFLs (one big and 2 small on a splitter like 3 weeks ago to 600w ipower dimmable mh and they are taking off.

Nov 17


And now:

Sketchy I know but I just got my 4x4 generic tent and I'm looking for input on my needs and what's doable within my means. More on that later...

Unfortunately I'm using some big box soil in 7g ish handmedown smart pots.

Best I could do in a pinch and I figured with a long veg the time release elements will be exhausted by flip. Wormy!

I've had some bug issues I keep at bay with a habanero foliar.

My rh is at (gasp) 10 % as it is winter.
Could this be why my fan leaves are growing in funky? Kinda taking their time and unfolding all wonky, eventually flattening out on 2 but really looking wierd on bs1.

Temps stay between 69 and 81 f. Usually 75ish with one fan on the light. Which is still at 50% for the transition from CFL and the addition of these nirvana nl5 feminized that my lovely partner of the feminized human variety gifted to me as a symbol of her support for my lifelong aspiration!!!!

Dec 7 after lunar oriented germination to utilize ancient cosmic forces.

They sure are stretchy!

So they're getting ready to transplant (clear cups! The fresh aloe really making those roots branch and maybe light prune with the clear solo?) which turns out I need help (broken tap roots and all) and advice on soil options. Think ghetto hi brixs on a small scale lol I'll buy docs official kit soon as I get a house (soon!). Mrs collie isn't down with small apartment soil cooking lol

Also low humidity (13 now) even with a tiny humidifier and rag wick !

My tents in (4x4 generic with vent sleeves and ish). I have 200$. I need to figure out a vent system for the 600w with a carbon filter. Air cooled hood with fan pulling hot air into next room and bottom passive intake with fan pulling stink and stale through filter? Budget challenge. Any takers? Lol
re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

Hey Buddy! I'll follow along and offer advice when I can. I know Duggan is going to suggest the Can #33 carbon filter and it is one you should definately consider. I am not sure of the cost and if you can get it and the fan girl under $200 but maybe.....

I hope you can get the kit soon! You will love it! Just for the fact that you don't need to ph your water, I was sold. I hated doing that. It looks like you could stack a couple totes in that room. You will not regret it. Best herb you will ever grow will be in Doc's kit soil!

Let's see and hear more!

re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

Thanks ween! You rule!

As I currently have never ph'd my soil I am sold as well lol

I've used borrowed bottle nutes twice in the 2 months (infiniti?) that they've been vegging (nothing but tap for the seedlings, and the tap here is a proper ph which I forget atm). I've given them a couple compost teas from around the kitchen, regular molasses, occasional fresh aloe, aspirin twice, once as foliar (still finding white specs lol doh!), and Tim Maia music with a sprinkle of bill withers .

I've been doing the GLR 12-1 lighting schedule as a result of my girl being bothered by lights on at night with no tent and me willing to experiment with an interesting solution. I must say they seem to love life, grow fast and heal from bumbling and regular defol on the quick! And they fend off bugs! And deal with low humidity! Lol. I tortured these girls! Take a look:
Before (oct 25)

And after! (Oct 29)

Bagseed1 (nov 17)

(Dec 7)

(Dec 13)



And today!



That was Bagseed 1 so far! Coming soon is the catch up photo dump for Bagseed 2! Imo, a beautiful splayed out babe compared to this Guinea pig of a stunted 20 head runt lol
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Hey buddy! Cool if I tag along? Noticed you posted in duggs journal and you seem like good people.

Love the flux you have going there. Happy growing!
re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

You can certainly tag along and please drop any ideas you may have to improve my progress. I welcome critiques, insight, banter, questions, pic requests, lurkers and green giants of the grow game and anyone in between!

Fluxing is so hands on and the energy distribution of the single node/ height of growth head level just makes intuitive sense to me so public props to a living legend in my mind, Light Addict!

Big beautius buds in abundance !
re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

And as for you madd dab, I offer a virtual toke of actual sour diesel reminiscent of the east coast sour diesel that was going around grateful circles on the west coast 10 years ago!
NL5 fems + Bagseed fluxes on 12-1 600w MH 4x4

And, as promised, spotlight on the Bagseed recovered from behind the mud room and trained second, around 3 weeks behind my first sacrificial flux lol

Oct 2something

Nov 1

Nov 17


And more recently, post light swap, dec 7

Dec 13


Thursday (lights off)



re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

Hey bro subbed along to see the flux. I just did a flux with my los (living organic soil) mix and i vegged her for like 5 months and used up my soil so half way threw flower i had to supplement with amendments and weekly teas. But yea very hands on and a fun adventure. Once I get more room to grow in ill be trying my hand at a good flux again. But yea im along for the ride. Good luck on ur grow adventure bro.
re: NL5 Fems & Bagseed Fluxes On 12-1 600W MH 4x4

Duggan! I'm so grateful to have such an educated and helpful community around. I'm getting around to the tl;dr version of my questions regaurding which direction to go. Tomorrows a new day lol

Jonesey! I look forward to much of the same hands on feed as you go adventure. I might train these nl5 seedlings differently with a shorter veg in some better soil and flip them all in together now in the soon to be set up tent I got leaning against the wall waiting for some fans! Should be lots of activity here.

Cali! It's either the spot or I talk to myself a lot lol either way thank you for stopping by. I'm humbled really.

Well I'm out for the night y'all! I'll be back tomorrow for some more shananagans

To the future!
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