Welcome to the Vivosun Bud Factory! a Vivosun 5x5 upgraded grey tent equipped with the Vivosun Smart Grow System and the Vivosun VSF6450! I'll be growing four @Herbies Seeds 100% Sativa Colombian Gold fem photos in a 45g RDWC system using @Prescription Blend.

The major upgrade to the Bud Factory this grow is the tent! On my last grow with the VSF6450 in my 4x4 it was wall-to-wall buds. So I moved up to the Vivosun upgraded grey 5x5, giving me nearly 60% more area (16 sq ft -> 25 sq ft). My old Vivosun 4x4 was taken down and packed up, still in great condition. I have plans for the 4x4 in the next few months. Now, though, I can't wait to see how well I can fill this 5x5! Thank you @VIVOSUN for sponsoring this journal and all of the fantastic equipment.

This will be my first 100% Sativa grow. Thank you @Herbies Seeds for sponsoring this grow. Herbies had me go to their new US Express site and pick out my seeds. Two days later they were at my door! I'll be starting all 5 seeds and putting the best 4 in the RDWC. If all 5 germinate, I'll find something fun to do with the last one.

This will be my fourth grow in my 45g PA Hydroponics 4 plant Fallponic RDWC system. It has 4x13g grow sites and a 13g reservoir outside the tent, a 400 gpm inline pump to deliver 100g/hour of nutrient solution to each bucket, and a Vivosun 332 GPH Air Pump with a 2x4 Vivosun air stone in each bucket. Each site has a 8" netpot that will be filled with clay pebbles.

For nutrients, I'll be starting with MC+Silica in veg, working it up to around 1000 ppm (2 ec). I'll switch to @Prescription Blend in flower. I'll use Hydroguard and z7 throughout, along with some other beneficial bacteria (bennies).

Thanks for joining, and now it's time to go for the GOLD!

What am I growing? Colombian Gold fem photo from @Herbies Seeds
- 100% Sativa
- THC: 18%
- Brand: World of Seeds (via Herbies)
- Lineage: Santa Marta (Colombia)
- Effect: Cerebral / Psychedelic
- Indoor Yield: 400 gr/m²
- Flowers: 65-75 days
- Taste/Smell: Sweet Fruit

Where am I growing? I'll be growing these from start to finish in 'The Vivosun Bud Factory', a Vivosun Advanced grey 5x5 tent in my basement equipped with the Vivosun Smart Grow System.

- Vivosun 60x60x80 Advanced grey tent
- Vivosun Smart Grow System, including
- GrowHub 42A
- Aerozesh 6" exhaust fan (with filter for late flower only)
- AeroWave E6 Clip-on oscillating 6" fan
- Vivosun VSF6450 645W LED
- Vivosun AeroWave A6 Clip-on oscillating 6" fan
- Vivosun Air Circulator Fan with Remote
- 4" booster fan for air intake (Filtered)
- 4 Site 13g RDWC system + 13g reservoir
- Vivosun 332 GPH Air Pump (14W 21L/min)
- Vivosun 2x4 Air Stones (x4)
- Small humidifier when needed
- Temps: 66-72f Central A/C and heat, radiant heater if needed
- Humidity: Kept at around 40% RH with Dehumidifier,

What am I growing in?
- RDWC: 13g RDWC buckets, 8" Netpots with clay balls
- Water: Carbon-filtered well water @ 100ppm/8.1pH
- Nutrients: Veg with MC Megacrop 1-part, Flower with Prescription Blend
- Bennies: Hydroguard, Z7, Pirhana, Voodoo Juice

Any other equipment?
- Vivosun Heat mat + controller, EZ-Gro plugs, and starter domes for starting seeds
- PA Hydroponic Fallponics 4 site RWDC system + res (13g buckets) w/ 400 GPH pump
- Milwaukee bluelab combo pH & TDS meter
- LUX meter + Photone app
- Wyze V3 Camera
- Govee thermometer/hygrometers
- Govee water sensors

Thanks for joining along, I'm excited to get the RDWC system back up and running. It's almost time to fire the Bud Factory back up!

#VIVOSUN #LoveWhatYouGrow
Sounds like fun, I'll have a ticket please.
Hey Tok, you're sitting right behind Trala. You better hope she doesn't have her 420 headdress on today.
What’s the height of your area and what are your plans for keeping them from breaching it?
Good question. The tent is 60x60x80, and I have the light within 6" of the top. The buckets are 19", leaving me about 55" to play around with.

I'll be setting up the net 7" above the buckets and flipping to 12/12 when it's 1/2 full. I'll continue to fill in the net (12.5 sq ft) during transition before letting them grow up.

To stay at least 12" from the light, I'll have 36" to work with. I'll LST them back to the first net if needed, then let them stretch into a second net for support.

Thanks for making me measure and do the math ;)
I’ll just be quietly sitting all back of the bus. Good luck with your Sativa grow Bman. CL🍀
Thanks for the tag budman I’ve never grown sativas should be an interesting run looking forward to it. Let’s gooooo🤙
I’ll just be quietly sitting all back of the bus. Good luck with your Sativa grow Bman. CL🍀
Thanks CL. You're on one of the Sativa grows I'm following as well. I'm hoping I can see you guys do it first ;)
Thanks for the tag budman I’ve never grown sativas should be an interesting run looking forward to it. Let’s gooooo🤙
Welcome GF. I've grown Sativa leaning, but never 100% landrace. This is going to be fun!
Any thoughts so far? CL🍀
Looks like you have them healthy and green and growing nicely. I'm still waiting to see how you keep them from overtaking the tent :)
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