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Wrenn’s Grow: Maui Waui By Nirvana Seeds & Lemon Kush Headband By HSO In 420


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Hi guys and thanks for tuning into my new grow. This will be my 3rd grow in Doc’s HB Kit and I have been very happy with the results.

In this grow I will be using two tents. Here is the breakdown

3x3x7 Cheap Zon Tent
4inch Carbon Scrubber and Fan from Zon
230w Perfect Sun Dwarf Star
125w Perfect Sun Mini ( Added for Flower )

Plants are seedlings and germinated using glass of water for 12hr. Soaked paper towel for 12hr in Ziploc bag. Then into #1 Gal pots of Kit soil.

They will be flowered out in 7gal pots using 2nd run Kit soil.

Veg time is around 45 days. Flowering time will likely run around 65-70days.

5x5x7 Tent
6 Inch In-line Fan + Scrubber.
X1 HLG 550V2 as Main Light 240-480w dimmable.
X2 HLG 60 these are approx 60w each and have 32 diodes each bar. Supplemental for Blue / Red (will use as a flowering booster )

Same methods for seed germination here. Will be running 4 Maui Waui’s by Nirvana Seeds. They are veg in 1 gals and will be flowered in 10gal pots. I have 15s aswell but don’t have enough soil cooked so will try the 10s this time.

Hope to see some familiar faces and new ones aswell around this way. I’ll be posting updates a couple times a week. Hopefully I can show off Doc’s Kit to anyone still on the fence about this system of growing. It Truly is a thing of beauty.

Back to work for me. Hope everyone has a nice day. I’ll update again over the weekend.



Plant of the Month, Jan 2020

Howdy Guys that didn’t take long! Some Glue :48: anyone ?

Thanks Duggs and good thinking. I’ll try to avoid the Spray and Dunk at the same time. There was a sleep in between but I hear ya and will make note. Thanks as always :high-five:

Enjoy the day fellas :surf:


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Sounds like a good show to come! Ill stick around if you don't mind. Lemon Kush always sounds so yummy!
Hey there Budz, Thanks for following your most welcome here!

Haha I know right Lemon Kush is a nice strain name. Never grown it before so I have high hopes for her.

Have a great day bud!


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Anyone know what this is ?



I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s white like Powdery mildue but it’s growing like a mushroom cap does out of tree bark. Could be bug larvae or something too?

Got a friend that asked he said it’s spreading fast. Hopefully his plants overcome this.

Thoughts ?


New Member
No clue what that is but I see lots of dead leaves on the floor. Your buddy should not leave those there. I can't explain why but I once read dry leaves will cause issues with mold and mildew more so that living green leaves. It's best to remove and dispose of them.

Maybe post over at Docs for more eyes? I'm curious and concerned for your friends plants.



Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Thanks guys I’ll post in Doc’s Q & A and let buddy know to clean that damn room up!

I agree if it’s spreading fast and there isn’t a quick sure fix just get them out. He’s got a bunch of other big plants that are at risk.

Cheers Gang :48:


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Ok so buddy ended up having mold. High temps and high Rh for almost a entire week made this a breeding ground for the spores. Also a lot of dead leaf matter laying around. This hit home and I cleaned up the dozen leafs in my clone tent pronto. It’s pretty warm and humid in my clone tent so don’t want the same problems as my friend.

Thanks for the thoughtful advice guys.


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Little Garden update.

Day 42-45 for the 3 Larger Maui’s.

These 3 Maui’s are totally rootbound in the 1 Gallon pots. The entire pot is just a dense sponge of roots. They drink fast and 3-4 days after a dunk they are wilting again. The only reason I haven’t up canned them into 10/15s is because the 4th Maui is catching up and started life 14 days late.

My plan currently is to let the 3 bigger Maui’s stay rootbound for another week wise Baby Maui fills the pot with roots. Only issue is she might take longer than 1 week to do this....

Here is some pics of them


This was the girl that was all wilted and pissed off. She was actually just really thirsty. Plus yellowing of fans from a feeding issue.

In the pic above she is already starting to wilt. That was last night. Today she will need a drink and is due for a water + splash of tea. When she gets her dunk she will be good for 3-4 more days.

Her new growth is looking nice and her structure isn’t bad. Anyone think it will be a problem with letting her go for another 2 weeks in this pot ?


Here is another Maui that is rootbound but this one looks healthier. Drinks a little slower and showed less signs of yellowing. Leaf posture last night was quite good. All new growth also good.


Here is the other bigger Maui. Also has some lower yellow fans left from early veg. All new growth is good. The main stalk is quite big on these 3 for 1 Gallon pots. Maybe a tiny bit wider than a Standard Sharpie marker. Can’t wait too see these girls blow up in bigger pots.


Here is the baby Maui that was 2 weeks behind due to a bad germination on a seed. She hasn’t had any signs of stress and has grown well. I topped her at the 4/5th node.She has gotten one brix. And one TP+tea dunk. Next up for her is Water + splash of tea. I figure another 1-2 weeks and her pot will be rootbound or just about. LST on the top leaders for now. Forming the canopy.


Lemon Kush Headbands @ Day 21 ish. Looking so nice and healthy :ganjamon:





Clone tent is rammed but loving the Kit soil. I potted my cuts into straight Promix but won’t be doing that again. They got hungry fast and it was a struggle to keep up with feeding them. Once the roots fill these small pots they want watering almost daily. Will offload these soon and keep just a few as mothers. I have some 3 Gal square pots for this once my 3x3 becomes my new veg tent.

Hope everyone has a great day. Be back with another update once I get these Maui’s upcanned. I will likely veg them out for 1-2 weeks and take a bunch of clones as I flip into flower. Happy growing gang :ganjamon:


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Thanks Dankman
Be careful with the Maui's I'm guessing they will be stretchers in bloom. Might get tall
Thanks Dank! I was super worried but now that I have them this far I don’t think they will be an issue at all.

Also another Brix Grower Gazoo is growing a 100% Pure Sativa in a 5ft tall 2x4 and it’s completely under his spell. In my experience growing once we Top early. And LST. I don’t see much to worry about. My tent has around 60inches of vertical height for a plant to be so with any luck I keep these under 5 ft.

Just wanted to get that out there for anyone that was as weary as I was when looking at Sativas.

I’ll be shocked if these Maui’s get out of hand.

Thanks for stopping by have a great day!


Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
:headbanger: Sup G, thanks for following along :Namaste:

Might take me a while to click with the kit and different strains each run but so far so good the first two i was happy about. Hopefully these girls give a good show :55:.

Cheers Zoo :48:
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