Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017

My other option is to just do 2 regular plants from 1 strain, likely the Purple Kush first and cut 2 clones from each for 12 plants then expect 3 to be males so that gets me down to 9 plants then colloidal 1 and pollinate 1 and grow 7 for yield. Then do 1 strain feminized every grow. It would take longer to feminize all my strains but would be easier to manage doing only 1 regular strain per grow
yes once the male pollen sacs start to appear I was thinking move those out to a spare t5 I have. It doesnt need to be super bright just 12/12 then get some pollen and stick it to the clones in full flower

Yeah a T5 should be plenty of light. In my experience though, you don't necessarily want to mis-treat the CS reversal plants or else they don't really produce much pollen. Like I had the idea of, "Oh well, if it stressed it out, it will just throw more flowers," because people think that's how hermies form, but it didn't really follow suit in that fashion. I just ended up with a plant that didn't produce much pollen.

The best way I've seen it done is some breeder that put a male plant in with a bunch of females into a sealed breeding room and when its sacs started openening, they lifted it up on a pulley system and let it drop and you could literally see pollen burst off of it and permeate through the room. But the male was large,just as large as the females around it.

Today is aproximately half way thru budding. Have a great evening Everyone!
Thanks Penny. Theres not much to do these days but wait til its done. In about 3 weeks I have to start the seeds for my next grow so I guess I have to make some decisions there. Im doing some feminized Waikiki Queen and some feminized Chronic for sure but after that Im really not sure what regs I will run. Im leaning towards more Hemmy Black and some Purple Kush. Its driving me batty lol.
I was just in leaf tucking and man o man the Durban Sativas has pushed alot of lower tops up as branches into the canopy. The OG Kush had already done it as its a stockier bushy plant and the Green crack really doesnt branch at all its just main colas but the Durban, lwhich I thought would be a bit of a light weight as a producer is going crazy now. It will need a couple extra weeks as its a loger bloomer and I now see why. I cant get any pics for you giys as its too crowded but if I have to pull a Durban out I will get some. It would be a great ScrOGger.
And the Durbans are from CKS?
Yes. I started 3 and got 2 phenos. All are fairly lanky but 1 is shorter than the other 2 with colas similar to a kush. The other 2 are lankier with alot of space between bud sites but all of a sudden 1 of them has started a secondary stretch pushing lower bud sites up to the top as branches. I havent paid close attention but last week I had the plant out on the work bench and it wasnt like that. A couple of the lowest buds have stretched 6 to 8 inches up into the canopy but held the buds at the tip. Its like buds on a stick and up in full light they should get quite large. They will need to be tied for sure
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