Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017

I got their Bangi Haze as a freebie and gave half of them to a buddy who was getting started, and he cooked them lol So now there's only 4 of them and I don't really like my odds of getting a female out of that. I might use them for stud purposes or something like that.
I checked the trichomes this afternoon and they are quite milky today. Yesterday they were crystal clear. So its lights out for 72 hours (which supposedly may or may not produced higher thc depending who you listen to) but I figure it cant harm anything so Friday morning its choppity chop.
Im going to reveg the one OG Kush/Haze thats turned purple as well as the one Durban Poison that has big meaty buds and the one Green Crack that has big meaty buds and then cut a clone from each as they were all the heaviest producers by a country mile of the 3 plants of each of the 3 strains I grew. Ill perpetuate those 3 for now until I get better stock to perpetuate. See you guys on Friday... Muhahahaha....
Snuck in last night for a few quick pics after about 32 hours of darkness. The effects of total darkness must be seen to be believed. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about 72 hours of darkness upping thc by up to 30% but WOW heres the pics. The before was 3 days ago. The afters are only 32 hours of darkness with 40 more hours to go.

Cali OG Kush/Haze before


Durban Poison before

DP after. You can see the rest of the plants behind equally white. All shots were with a flash after lights out. Im a believer now. I never took pics of the Green Crack but its pretty much the same.Gonna be a very white Christmas
I was truly amazed PW. I didnt really think it would work but I figured it cant hurt and I wont be free to harvest til Friday so what the heck. Someone posted a report done in a lab on it claiming 30% more thcbut it varied by strain. I thought "Varied by strain" thats a cop out but heck Ill try. Every plant is like this. Yessssssss!
I watched a panel discussion the other day and they were talking about terpenes loading up in the plant when you do a lights out at the end of the grow.
I remember trying the 48 hour darkness thing before too. Someone I know told me that if you get the temperatures really low that really helps too. I just don't really have enough side-by-side comparisons to say it really made a difference, the biggest difference in frost-factor I've seen in my grows I've always seen DURING the grow. Sad to say it, but so far a combination of GH, Humboltd's Own and FoxFarms nutrients gave me the frostiest nugs I've ever had. So far with the organic lines I've tried ( EarthJuice, and just recently my own soil mix ) I haven't really seen the same level of frost, although it's not really lacking and could be a genetic difference as well. Really hard to track this kind of stuff without running the same clone, with the same nutrients, so on and so forth.

Were you talking about how DocBud advocates for letting them sit in the light for photosynthesis to keep occurring for a certain amount after they've washed? Because I thought I heard of that being a downside to the 48 hour darkness thing, but I've always hung in the dark immediately.
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