Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017


Heres a couple of small Durban flowers that are getting a thick ridge of frost down the edges of the leaves. These shots are a few days old now
Insane job for your first grow! You really nailed it!

And btw, great thing you did with the clips for LST! I'm definitely going to do the same on my grow. I used to run a soft tie at the bottom of my pot all around and then tie extra ties to it linked to the branches. Unfortunately it was far from being efficient so thanks again for the great idea ;)
Im going to get a tool thats used for putting shoelace eyes in. They are cheap online. Then I can add a brass eye anywhere around the top of a pot with just a pinch of the pliers to use as tie downs
Have you grown the Viola from Ace before PW? It looks pretty darn cool.

The Violetta? They give that one out as a freebie a lot on their site. Another reason why I'd suggest ordering on their website!

When I grew Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, I got generally 1-1.25 ounce per plant in 3 gallon pots under a 400 w light. The Blackberry Kush I had didn't produce much more and supposedly it's supposed to be a high yielding strain.
Yeah the violetta was the freebee. I took it last time when I orfered the Malawi/Purple haze and I took the Oldtimers Purple Haze as a freebee when I ordered Malawi and Panama Red. The Viloa is regular seed though and the grow I am starting is all fem. I have one bean that hasnt popped yet and was thinking I might pop 1 Viola and hope its a chick. When I get home tonight I will have to decide unless the last Chronic has sprouted.
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