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420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: December 2020

420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: December 2020

  • TriangleCheese - Pink Kush

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  • Lime - Mystery Plant

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  • Autodream - Purple Haze

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  • ColaCalyx - Zamaldelica

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  • Nivek - Dr. CBD

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  • BubbleBucketz - Deluxe Sugarcane

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Amnesia from new420guy. CHeers! :yahoo:


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very happy here to have a plant i would even consider to enter,, but once in a while a keeper comes along

this is a dope seeds 'dr. cbd' in my flower room when the change from a/c to heater was taking place,, so the room got a bit cool for a couple of nights in a row

and so happy to get er to harvest, nearly, with all it's fan leaves still healthy and happy

dr. cbd.

peace and karma sent to all,
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Can’t win if I don’t enter. This is my Barney’s Farm Glookies that I grew outside this summer. Finished with close to a pound dried in the end with her. Loved the colours that came on during her final weeks outside



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I wish to nominate my Ace Seeds Zamaldelica. She is a resinous Zamal pheno with a outrageous overripe mango musk, and a fumy eucalyptus background. Funked out jungle weed. The high is trippy and potent, probably my strongest. Not only that, but she withstood some high temps and winds.


Good luck everybody!
Do the fan leaves and sugar leave stay small like that? Or are you pruning?


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Here's my recently harvested Killer A5 Haze. It grew for about 220 days (seed to harvest) and flowered for about 106 days.

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