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Critical Jack & Dark Devil Auto Cross In Doc Bud's Kit


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Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2018 journal.
This year i will be growing a cross between Critical Jack and Dark Devil Auto. To my knowledge it is photo sensitive rather than auto. As far as other traits we will find out as it grows. Unless i learn more about them. I planted six seeds in one gallon pots and will keep them in those pots until they need watering daily. Then i will put them in seven gallons for flowering. I will be growing them in Doc Bud's High Brix kit. Which is a LOS soil blend with foliar sprays. This is my second grow with the kit and should go better then the first grow i did last year. This is second run soil. If your interested in reading it, there is a link in my signature.
My grow environment is a 5x5 tent with a 4 inch carbon filter and a 6 inch inline fan. I run two configurations depending on weather conditions. Sealed and unsealed. Sealed when temps are low and i use the heat from the lights to keep the tent warm. I direct my fan exhaust to blow the heat to the floor. It keeps the roots warm. When needed i will put a dehumidifier in the tent. Unsealed when temps are warm and don't need to heat in the tent. I draw in cool air from an attic area between the first floor and the garage. Temps average around 70 degrees in this space. I exhaust into the garage. If i need a dehumidifier in this setup will put it in the attic area and drain the waste water through a hose into the garage and out. i used to use this water for the plants but now use mountain spring water i can get for free.
Lights consist of a 300 watt equivalent full spectrum led panel with 5 watt diodes and 300 watt kit of six Citizen cobs on one driver. Currently i have all lights running except that the cobs are set at their lowest setting. They are three feet from the tops of the soil currently.
Current temps are 73 degrees and 65 percent humidity. I expect temps will increase in the morning hours when the sun shines on the garage doors. Lights will be on at evening/night hours. I usually don't run a 24/0 light schedule but decided to until the seeds germinate to ensure warm temps. I will change it to 18/6 once they do. Plants need the dark to rest and grow. I will flower at 11/13 as i have always done.

Drawing of my setup.
This is picture of the tent from last year as i was setting it up. You get the idea.
I really like this inline fan and recommend it.
Fan Filter combo setup. Exhausting out of the roof for a unsealed setup. I pull it inside the tent and direct it where i want it for a sealed setup.
The six pots waiting to dunked/drenched with 1/4 dose of transplant.
Once dunked and drained, i topped off the soil and poured more water on top.
Added a little Roots powder in the hole.
The strain of seeds i am growing.
Group photo all ready to go.
Full tent shot including lights.
I'm sure i have forgotten some details so please feel free to ask.
At this point it is a waiting game. See ya around.
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