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Justin Goody's Sponsored Journal: Featuring NextLight & Dope Seeds Gelato & Zkittlez

Justin Goody

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Welcome Friends & Fellow Growers to my 2021 sponsored grow, Featuring The @NextLight Core, with Genetics by @Dope-Seeds.com & Blackskull.
This is my first opportunity to do a sponsored grow as a staff member here, and I want to cover everything I can from unboxing until harvest. Please join me for the ride and stay a while. Leave your expectations at the door, we are going to the next level.

The Place: My grow wall in the garage- WA, USA.
It’s hard to believe I started growing my first autos here only about a year ago, after a visit to @Carcass opened my eyes to a world of growing I didn’t even know was available. We’ve filled a lot of jars since then.
I’ve been growing cannabis since the early 1990’s, but this past year in these 3 tents has been easily my most productive, as well as eye opening. I’ve gone from getting by growing, to getting what I want growing. For my situation (prone to power outages and cold) Autos are the only way to go. There was a learning curve with training and feeding, but like a lot of roads I’ve taken as a grower, it really came down to 2 things- Good Genetics and Good Lighting.
I never imagined I’d be able to grow pot that was the quality, taste, and potency of my favorite dispensary strains. Strains like Wedding Cake, GSC, Gelato, Do-si-Dos and all kinds of Blue/Purple strains were now within my grasp. I have taken nearly 30 years of trial and error growing, and fine tuned it into very basic autoflower growing. Consistency, Quality, Taste and High are all #1 on the list, it just depends which day you ask me.

The Strains:


Besides the amazing fast discreet shipping- the first thing I noticed is their projected yield. 1-3 oz per plant on both of these. When I was approached about doing this grow, that was the main thing that sounded like a challenge to me. Most other autos I’ve grown have claimed 300-500g, which never seemed attainable to me in a more confined grow, and really wasn’t. I consistently hit around 150-200g, so this should be interesting to see results if they are claiming <100g. This is, after all, a test to see how they do in my particular situation. I think I can do better.
The descriptions have my mouth watering, time to get to work.

The Soil:
Promix potting soil with about 20% added perlite. Also contains mosquito bits for gnat control later. Fabric reusable pots (3g) in trays will be used all the way through.

The Nutes:
MegaCrop (v3) in its normal dose, along with additives: @Purpinator @Terpinator CalMag, Silica Blast, Sweet Candy and citric acid. Superthrive to start, all in regular tapwater. I pH a bit and once everything is added, I’m sitting at about 6.2 which seems to do the trick.

The Light:
I’ve been using LED’s of all types for about 10 years with mixed success. I’ve been using them for about 1 year with pretty good success. The thing is, the ones that brought me success have all been a pretty similar spectrum. No more blurples but still lots of red and lots of blue.
That’s what is so intriguing about Nextlight. Their light is very simply very white.

Being a commercial light, I noticed a few things right away.
It’s a very simple design, not flashy but very precisely built. Light but durable feel, and so far the sheet metal hasn’t cut me and that’s always a plus.
But the best part- No separate disconnecting cord and no ON/OFF switch. The cord is connected permanently. It’s a perfect length and is a good gauge, very sturdy. The reason I love this is that it eliminates 2 possible points for human error. “Oops I forgot to turn on/bumped the switch” and “oops it somehow came unplugged” will never be an excuse here.
The other Pros-
5 year warranty, which is about double or more than many other LED’s out there.
Ultra Thin and cool running.
Ultra white light is great for photos and for identification of pests and deficiencies.
No UV LED’s which can damage eyesight over time. Nextlight says their lights don’t need them. I’m ready to be a believer.

The Unboxing:
First impression- Fast Shipping. Discreet Box. Lighter AND Larger than I had imagined. Hangs easy. Cord is long and conveniently placed. Very little waste in packaging. Literally “Plug and Play” simplicity. A+ so far.

The Start:
I like to keep things simple and that includes my germination. I float overnight-ish (12-24 hours) in 4:1
Water:H2o2 3%, and then straight into soil, about 5/8" deep. I skip the paper towel, and skip another chance for human error and bacteria that I don't need.

And I always start my seeds into the same light- 22000 Lux. No dome or Spraying, just regular light and regular humidity. Right on time in about 36-48 hours, they wake up

And within a day, we are off to the races.

The Crew:
Come pull up a chair/carpet/beanbag and ride along with me on this new adventure. Tag your friends and tell your neighbors, it's about to go down @420 @NextLight @Dope-Seeds.com @Renee Roberts @Teddy Edwards @Mr. Sauga @Carcass @InTheShed @VetSmoke85 @Grand Daddy Black @BooWho2 @Virgin Ground @Amy Gardner @DonkeyDick @Rexer @Sunnyskies @Backlipslide @StoneOtter @West Hippie @Heavenly Hybrid @DutchinAB @Baron Von Blurple @Van Stank @The Celt @TriangleCheese @JimJonesJr @Konks Dirt Empire @BeanTownFan420 @Patient Puffer @multiVortex @Cola Monster @syenite @013 @Bionic Chronic NZ @SeniorMoments @MagicJim @Timhomegrow@TorturedSoul @Momma’s Kitchen @ChefDGreen @GoogleGenie @bluter @Fredwak @BubbleBucketz @Buds Buddy @Emilya @Mr. Krip @johnnystackz @oldsmokey @candycane And sorry to anyone I forgot, I'm usually stoned.

More updates on the way SOON and at least a few times a week until we are done here. Thanks for stopping by, 420Mag


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You know I'll be around...
That light is sweet!


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Justin Goody

420 Support
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You know I'll be around...
That light is sweet!
I love it- looks a bit big in my 2x2 but the airflow around it is good and light coverage superb. I’ll be moving into the 2x3 as soon as the other grow is done.
she’s a cool running beauty.

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Grand Daddy Black

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They are in this 2x2 to start, but will be headed into the taller 2x3 in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by, and you’re early!
Early and will probably over stay my welcome! Where's the bathroom? I had chili for lunch and it's doing a job on me. :19:
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