The Emperor's New Grows - Mars Pro Series Cree256/Cree128 Perpetual In Coco!

Well I let the phosphorous deficiency get out of hand on the Cookies Kush and all the plants have crispy fan leaves now. But i'm in flush time so its just going to finish up this way. It happened to Amnesia Lemon too and I couldn't figure out the problem till now. At least I know for the next time. Yield should still be pretty good. I wanna guess 1 lb dry.

Cookies Kush Flower day 49

Granddaddy Confidential Veg day 29

Excuse the lack of effort on the GDCs i'm pretty tired right now. Also the small planters in the center are just the start of my tomatoes and cucumbers I plan to put outside later when its ready.
Well big news and big changes are coming. I just purchased 2 Doc Buds High Brix kits and i'll be moving in that direction. I figure if i'm going to go organic, why not go all out. I have a bunch of coco supplies left so I may start up a 3rd tent during the winter months and do strictly autos in coco and AN just to use it up. So with that being said, I think i'll have to hold off on the idea of using the pro mix organic soil until further down the line with that 3rd tent.

So I think i'll have to bring this journal to a close and start up a new one to update all the new changes. But thats not for another few months so I still have to finish up GDC :)
Alright Canad! Congratulations, you're not messing around. Everything I've seen grown in the kit is spectacular. I'm certain yours will be too. How much do those kits run. I've been in touch with ag labs and I'm in the process of creating my own. But if docs is cheaper, why not lol.
Wow that's a lot of soil! So you're going to buy to bails of Promix HP? I guess I probably have the same amount of soil in various stages of use. You're going to kill it brother. I still wish you'd use that bag of organic soil on a plant. If you have the room it would still be a great test. None of the stores around me carry that specific blend.
Yep I can only get the bales of BX with mykos but turns out it works out the same. I'll try to find a local garden store that sells the worm castings. If not i'll have to use some bag from wally world or some place :/

I thought about just going with the plan but then I thought if everything works out the way its been going I'll be able to add a 3rd tent in the winter and I can use that soil on those grows. And I wont have an uneven amount of high brix soil.
I'm a bit upset at not treating the deficiency sooner, but like I said I just now figure out what was happening just days before I was starting my flush. But the good news is my buds are fattening up and smell so nice anyways. So no harm done. I'll have harvest pics up next sunday.
Well I've been checking out the plants and they are ready to be chopped now. All hairs have turned orange and they don't have any signs of extra growth. So instead of letting the leaves get worse I figure its time to call it. Sunday is chop day!
Final wet weight trimmed came in at 1,180g. I had a lot more tiny popcorn crap on the other 3 plants and got tired of trying to trimming it so I just tossed a bunch into my hash bag. So a bit less than I expected but i'm still pretty happy.
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