CoffeeShopSeeds Sponsored Grow: Emmie’s Huge 1 Month Interval Constant Harvest

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new project!

This year’s big cultivating project around here is going to be covered in this journal. As the title suggests, this work is going to concentrate on detailing a 4 month revolving perpetual grow. This is not going to be a perpetual journal designed to draw in followers or win contests, this journal will document the details of running a perpetual revolving garden, described by some as a Perpetual Harvest, and this journal will conclude early next year.

Just what is a perpetual harvest? Simply put, as plants work their way through the system, some will be harvested each month, and new ones to replace them will be planted each month. It is all about timing and there are four stages of this garden, early veg (seedlings and clones), late veg, bloom and harvest. Each month the plants will be rotated through these stages, adjusting as necessary to any troubles that might occur and for slightly longer running plants. From first to last, flexibility is the name of the game here.

Here on the back of an envelope, is a visual of what we will be doing with the various stages:

This method seems to be what the powers that be had in mind when they created the Missouri Cannabis Cultivation laws. Under a single license, medical providers are allowed to have 6 plants in the seedling/clone stage, 6 plants in mature vegetative stage and 6 plants in bloom. I would prefer to be able to have twice this many in bloom, but we can and will adjust. First, we will start this program under a single license model, and later we will adjust when we sign up another patient into our cultivation license.

The problem is that bloom takes twice as long as each stage in veg, and we can easily create 6 plants each month in veg, eventually requiring us to have 12 plants in bloom. Since this is not legal, we have to move a bit slower on the veg side and only start 3 new plants each month. Very soon we will have a second license active and we will be able to have 12 plants at each stage, and at that point we will start and harvest 6 plants, each month.

For now we will start 3 new plants each month. This will allow for quite a bit of variety in the garden, and we are going to see a lot of different varieties of our medicine as the months roll on. I have a jar in the fridge with about 90 different varieties of cannabis seeds that I have collected through the years. Some are old favorites and some will be new to me. Some will run longer than we want, forcing us to adjust our assembly line in mid motion. Some seeds may not even still be viable, so again we will adjust where necessary and we will make quick decisions when needed.

To help in this huge endeavor, @CoffeeShopSeeds has agreed to sponsor part of this project and we will see at least 4 of their varieties in this grow over the next several months. The original plan was to jump start this thing with one of their varieties, but the timing has not been right to start this journal with one of theirs. Next month, for sure, we will feature one of their line. This month, because we have run out of time to get started, we are going to start some other non sponsored seeds, as we will every now and then, keeping in mind that we are going to have 12 chances to start new varieties during this upcoming year. We will feature one of my picks of amazing @CoffeeShopSeeds varieties, next month.

About 15 days ago, 5 plants were moved to bloom from another sponsored grow. By the time they finish up, the vegging plants we are starting today will be ready to move to bloom with 3 more right behind them moving into bloom the very next month and then every month after that. The perpetual harvest has begun!

This month's spotlight is on some seeds that have been sitting around, Advanced Seeds Black Diesel Fem. They have a bloom cycle of 65-70 days and boast a THC level of 17%. They will be planted directly into solo cups filled with a soil blend from the rootballs of the last 10 plants harvested, bolstered with Soil Activator that was watered into the tote full of soil a week ago. Because it is legal to do so, we are planting the 5 seeds we have possession of. If we end up later with too many plants to take into bloom, we will make the needed decisions.
From World of Seeds:
Black Diesel by Advanced Seeds is a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica strain. It has been selected by New York City Diesel, one of the most awarded plants in the cannabis cups. This Sativa plant has large and thick buds, high yield, unique taste and ripe grapefruit aroma. It is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and produces large crops. It is not a mold resistant plant, which discourages from growing it in very humid environments.

Here we go! I hope you enjoy the show! A few invites as we get things going: @Jon @Finnicki @StoneOtter @CADBOY @Trala @Nev @HashGirl @Stunger @stinker @BakedARea @Moony @Krissi1982 @Kanno26 @CannonTheHooper @Buds Buddy @013 @bobrown14 @NuttyProfessor @Sueet @Deketx @Mark Gordan Smith @Paul Squiggle @420 @CO Finest @ChefDGreen @BooWho2 @Fudo Myoo @Rad Man @BabyTrees @Bode @Slammy Pajama @meffa @Jack 420 @charliewaffles @420giirl @Farmer Reading @nickeluring @Braddah Waiheesohai @Cola Monster @safeman @Rexer @Bill284 @Carcass @Verbalist @LKABudMan @DonkeyDick @Tokin Roll @FelipeBlu .... lol, I give up... there are too many of you! If I forgot to invite you, please forgive me! Everyone is invited!

Tell one and all! Emmer's is at it again!
Glad to see another one spinning up Em!

“Under a single license, medical providers are allowed to have 6 plants in the seedling/clone stage, 6 plants in mature vegetative stage and 6 plants in bloom.” (Can’t figure out the damn “Quote” thing)

Only 12 total allowed here in Colorado. Only 6 Blooming at a time allowed, which worked for me. I couldn’t imagine managing more than 6 by myself and balancing everything else in life.

I’m not sure what the numbers would be if I was “licensed”.
Thanks for the invite, I'm gonna roll one up while we get ready...
Thank you for the tag as well Emilya. I'll definitely be following along, and i expect I'll be learning quite a bit - as one usually does when reading your journals!

on the plant count topic... Canada is 4 plants recreational, and if you have a medical license to grow your own for medical purposes; that plant count is based upon the grams/day prescribed. And the two can be combined :Rasta:
Thanks much for the invite Emilya!:thanks:
:woohoo: I'm so excited to follow your perpetual. I've already found answers to questions that have been stuck in my head like a bad song lol I was always wondering how I can keep this perpetual grow rolling, low and behold I've been invited to all the answers to my questions journal! I feel like I got slipped all the answers to the pop quiz in math class lmao :slide:
Good morning @Emilya thank you so much for the invite.
I look forward to your wonderful new grow.
Hope your having a great day.

Stay safe
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